17 June, 2014

Anonymous Insults Neither Needed Nor Accepted

Hi Anonymous Commenter.

I'm sorry, but if you don't have balls enough to sign your name when you insult someone, don't try to use my blog to do it. Why don't you start your own blog. Then you can say whatever you want to whoever wants to read your drivel - which, without your name accompanying your comment, is all that your comment is - drivel. As such, it's deleted.

Enjoy your day.

Dave Rider


JRinSC said...

Sorry that it had to be this way to get a new post from my favorite homeowner in Corozal -- but I'm glad to see the blog is still working! And I must say that you write very well when you're pissed!

Hang in there! There are still a few of us that enjoy and appreciate your efforts. Imagine doing all the blogging you've done when you could have been in the pool - or fixing something!

Take care,


Dave Rider said...

Hi Julian,

Thanks. Your comment made me laugh out loud - at oh-dark-thirty in the morning too!


guest1 said...

Hi Dave,

Don't let some jerk ruin it for you. Keep up the blogging for sure. I am still reading your post from 2007..oh so many more to go


Dave Rider said...

Hi Eddy,

No worry there. I'm working as we speak on a new posting, if I can only get Picasa and Blogger to cooperate so I can find a couple of photos and get them posted as well.

Thanks for the kind thoughts. Enjoy the read.


Mardena Murray said...

D & D, What has it been? Like, 4 years of reading this blog and I STILL love it!! Thanks for carrying on and giving us working stiffs something to look forward to! Eventually we hope to make it South! Keep on keepin on!
Mardena from Oklahoma