21 June, 2014

A Little Help Around the House

Boy, it sure would be nice to have someone to help keep things neat and tidy around the house. Something that would be consistent, manage it's own time and not bother us too much. Lord knows, we're busy enough as it is. Something that could...

Robby Helping Around the House
Well, maybe Robby might be stretching things a bit much. Maybe something a bit more domestic is what we have in mind. How about something that was just focused on keeping the place clean. That's good enough for starters...
Rosie, Perhaps?
Probably not quite that advanced, but Rosie's a step in the right direction. Maybe something that's not going to stretch the technological bounds quite so much. Something, oh I dunno, maybe a little smaller than a breadbox, that will do one thing, and do it well...

Something like a Roomba. Why that's it. We just happened to have friends who have a Roomba, and they've been kind enough to loan us the use of theirs for the weekend. Just to try it out and see if something like this is for us.

This is Colleen's little pet, iRobot Roomba, Spot. He or She, is all charged up and ready to go for it's second day of cleaning.
Spot, Charged and Ready to Go
Right about at the stroke of noon, Spot sang a little tune (I guess to let us and all the animals nearby know that she/he is about ready to begin the workday). Right away, Spot took off and began industriously cleaning the bedroom - especially under the bed.

Of course, this new activity requires supervision. Nelson figured he was the one who most frequently goes under the bed, the couch, and just about anything else, so he nominated himself to supervise Spot. Here he is, doing a magnificent job of it too.
Nelson Closely Supervising Spot
Apparently, we have become infected with hitekitis. I think it all started because Huey, our pool-cleaning cabana-boy robot just was so cute, and did such a good job, that the closer we looked at Bruce and Colleen's iRobot Roomba, named Spot, the more we could see similarities between the two.

Huey cleans the pool in a random pattern, if you can call it that. And that's pretty much how the Roomba works as well. So, like I said, the more we looked at the Roomba, the more sense it made for us. Then, Colleen loaned their Roomba to David and Elizabeth to try out. This led directly to their ordering a Roomba of their own. All this suggested that we should try out Spot and see if we needed such a selfless household servant as well.

The end result is, we have Spot for the weekend, and we're giving him/her a good tryout. I think it's a done deal. I guess I had better begin perusing Ebay and Amazon for a reasonably-priced refurbished version of Spot for our very own.

I've got to get out of the way. Spot is trying to clean the office as I type and he/she doesn't take kindly to anyone getting in his/her way.


JRinSC said...

You know, you could have a lot of fun down there if you could get Nelson to jump up onto Spot and catch a ride.

Kinda like we did cleaning the floors in boot camp where we would take turns sitting on the big buffing machine and reaching out and grabing the "on" lever on the handle. Then the ride was over in mere seconds -- but a lot of fun. And I complain of government waste!

Anyhow, I'll bet Nelson is having a ball keeping Spot under constant supervision... lol.


Dave Rider said...

Hi Julian,

You're right. We thought the same thing about Nelson.

Ha! I remember late nights at Radar 'A' School at Treasure island, riding the buffer in the passageways. What a hoot. Thankfully, the government buys really well-built buffers.

The sad thing is, we had to give Spot up Monday morning. Spot's parents wanted him back.

The good news is that we have a replacement on his way down. His name is Carson - after the butler on Downton Abbey.


JRinSC said...

Wow, Dave -- amazing. I was in Radar A in'67 and early '68. I was under 21 and playing pool was all I found I could do in SF at that age. I remember the bus was $.25 to either Frisco or Oakland -- or to the enlisted club at the Presidio. Ended up as an ET in ECM gear.

That bus ride back from the Presidio was a hoot - floor covered in straw (no lie)!

Then one day in class they came around to see if anyone was dumb enough to volunteer for the Sub Force -- and everyone else in my class stepped back -- and I'm voluteered!! Glad now that I did.

But I do remember standing watch (guard) at a pier -- one with nothng on it or attached to it -- just a pier.

Did you know that the Navy is selling the island to the City of Frisco? Only problem is the price, as Frisco wants to low-ball the Navy. If you look on google earth you'll be amazed at the changes (that I can remember).

Oh well, time does pass!!

Take care,


Dave Rider said...

Hi Julian,
I got to TI about August of '68. I was 18 and remember well the bus trips to Oakland or the Presidio. What fun.
Seems I had enough on payday to get my dress uniform dry-cleaned and pressed, get my inspection shoes professionally spit-shined, get a haircut, and one trip on the bus, with enough to buy one pitcher of beer. That was it till next payday.
Lots of weekends in the wood WWII temporary barracks playing marathon spades. Those buildings were so cold - we even had a window, frame and all, fall out from the second story. We covered it with a blanket and endured the weekend.
Watch-standing around the piers and the school building, what fun.
I would have jumped at the chance to go subs. Ended up in PhibPac or pigpac as we called it.
Changes - The show Battle Bots used to be shot in the building that was Commander, Western Sea Frontier, back in the day.
Navy'll probably give it away. Some of the most valuable real estate in the area.


Unknown said...

I have also enjoyed a fully automatic Roomba. I was so delighted with the thing that I bought some as Christmas gifts, took it to a friend's house for a floor cleaning and it encouraged me to buy a robotic lawn mower (made in Israel oddly enough). Unfortunately, the ecstasy of clean floors did not last forever. I managed to restore the Roomba to operation on more than one occasion. Sorry to be a bubble buster, but the Roomba now sits unused in a corner surrounded by dust bunnies as do the units given as gifts. You might have better luck with a robotic lawn mower in my experience, but this would not be a good reason to establish a grass yard. On a positive note, a person might gain a new hobby in the form of Roomba restoration. May you enjoy the Roomba, as I have, in any event.
Don Squier

Dave Rider said...

Hi Don,

That's too bad that you didn't have pristine experience with your Roomba. We'll keep our fingers crossed for ours.
Heaven forbid we get a robo-mower. That would be just a tad too domesticated, I think.
Thanks for the good wishes.