03 April, 2014

Following Up on Who Thunk It

When we left off, I had just completed filling the new filter with sand and at that point, I stopped for the day.

What will complete the posting for that is getting the piping hooked up to the filter and giving it a go - under pressure to see how it fares as far as leaks are concerned.
New Filter and Piping
The new filter is a Pentair Tagelus TA-60D pressurized sand filter with a top-mounted 6-way valve. The top-mounted valve necessitated re-routing the three piping runs - from the pump (center), to the pool (left), and waste (right), which dumps through our storm water drain system into the canal. Union fittings are at the valve for all three runs so that the valve can be removed for easy repair.
Showing More of the Piping
I was leery at first, when it was time to fire up the system and actually move water through it. I've chased my tail often enough with leaks involving all this piping. It was a very pleasant surprise when I did open the valves and turn on the pump - No leaks. Not even a drip. First time in what seems to be ages that the floor of the mechanical house was completely dry.

Below is a bit better view of the top of the valve and the pressure gauge. I had to build some piping for the gauge as its port is on the very back of the valve. Without some additional fittings and piping, there was no way I was ever going to be able to read the valve. Of course it took a trip to Lano's Hardware out on the Northern Highway in Ranchito for brass and PVC fittings, and downtown to Villa's Imports for the brass nipple before I could connect it properly.
Detail of the 6-Way Top Valve and Pressure Gauge
Anyway, everything is hooked up properly, no leaks and it's filtering the pool as good as ever, and that's always a good thing.

After all that work, I needed a rest. Speaking of resting, here's a shot of Nelson I took yesterday. He's relaxing in my office chair. What a rough life.
Relaxing at the Office
He's probably dreaming of the two Basilisk lizards (Jesus lizards) I took away from him the other day. Did I mention that he's an accomplished hunter?

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