16 December, 2013

The Season of the Spirit

Now, most folks who read this blog know I've had my share of trials and tribulations with the Isuzu. Like, it seems about every couple of weeks or so, I'm taking it up to Rick, my mechanic, for some repair or other.

Just so you know, it's not at all that I'm lousy at keeping up with necessary maintenance and all that sort of stuff. it's endemic with everyone who owns motor transport, or any sort of transport, bicycles, scooters, cars, trucks, and buses, here in Belize. Case in point, a friend of ours, Chuck.

Now, I've never penned a paean to my vehicle, or even a lament. I have, however, dreamed several times of pretending that I'm Colonel Potter, on M.A.S.H, when he put his trusty Jeep out of its misery.

Chuck, on the other hand, has. Here's living proof, thanks to Regina's quick thinking with her camera the other day at the Copper Bank Inn, during a darts session. Chuck cut loose and brought the house down. Regina posted the video on YouTube.

Take it away, Chuck!
Chuck At the Copper Bank Inn
Proof positive that everyone - from the folks with the mega-bucks Hummers or Lincoln Navigators, to the lowliest Chinese-made bicycle, suffer the woes and blues of keeping whatever their transport is - running.

Just so you know. Dianna spotted this on FaceBook and sent me the link.


Unknown said...

That sure does describe owning a vehicle in Belize and the trials and tribulations that go along with it. Wish I'd been there, Chuck has been my darts partner many times and I do see a lot of nice familiar faces in the background. Thanks for sharing.

Dave Rider said...

Hi Dave,
I notice you didn't say anything about Chuck's crooning... probably just as well.

Glad you liked it. Hopefully, by the time you return, we'll have warm weather.