16 June, 2013

Heads Up!

You can look at it as a practice session or a training exercise. Our first numbered event - a tropical wave (Invest93L) is approaching us. Well, it's at least approaching Nicaragua and Honduras, and possibly the more southern parts of Belize. It's rated right now as having about a 10% chance of developing into something more substantial.
Invest 93L Computer Models
If you haven't yet started following your favorite weather source on at least a daily basis (preferably as a minimum - morning, noon, and evening) now would be a good time to develop the habit.

Of course you can check current local conditions here at Casa Winjama by looking in the right-hand column. It's pretty accurate, for the most part, except when it goes off on it's own and calling for light snow with 80° degree temps, but that's another story altogether.

My favorite weather source is ( but there's lots to choose from. Be sure to get one with a desktop widget, or gadget, or whatever Micro$oft is calling it in Windows8. It makes for a quick and convenient way to stay abreast of things weatherwise.

Just be aware, that over the next two or three days, we're probably going to get some rain and gusty winds. If you're using cisterns, this might also be a good time to check that all systems are go in that regard.


Mr. Pancho said...

Dave! You're famous for more than walkies and innertubes in my book! I was doing a google search for wind speed in corozal and casa winjama came up. I'm thinking of installing a gadget like that on my property north of there one you would recommend?

Dave Rider said...

Hi Mr. Pancho,

Thanks for the nice comment.
I don't have a favorite brand. What I would recommend is to get the best you can afford. Solar-powered would be a must. Oregon Scientific is a great place to start looking for a weather station. It's fun and after you get it set up and configured, takes very little effort on your part to keep it going.