15 December, 2012

Shipshape and Bristol Fashion

Just a lee project for the weekend. This started out as three PVC pipes stuck about six-feet up in the air from the dock. They wiggled a bit too since they didn't have any filler inside. Eventually, I decided there was no real compelling reason to have them so high, so I cut them down to 15-inches or so, then added on the cross-tee, eight-inch extensions, and caps all around.
A Bollard in the Making
Not to mention the two pieces of 3/8-inch rebar inside each one (they go down below the dock about five-feet). There's also two pieces of rebar in the cross-bars of each bollard.
Ready for Rebar and Concrete
That's what those things are called - 'bollard' - an ancient nautical term for a short vertical post for mooring a boat or ship. Wikipedia says the term probably comes from the Norman-French 'Boulard' meaning 'post'.
Last One Ready for Rebar and Concrete
Of course, I had assistance while working on this project. Carlos was available this morning to help. I had originally scheduled him to help on Friday morning, but as things happen, Lano's Hardware said they were unable to get the 4" cross-tees till this morning. I told Carlos to come about 8:30 AM or so to give me time to go to Lano's to pick them up. Of course, when I got to Lano's, Kim said, no they don't have them. I'd have to cobble something together that aesthetically, just would look like crap. So, they did refund my money. I then tried Villas - no go there. Then I went over to National, losing hope in the process and wondering if I was going to have to tell Carlos no go again. Anyway, I described what I wanted - three thin-walled, 4" PVC cross-tees. Not a problem. I bought them and went on my way happy as a lark.
All Three Are Completed
After I got home we promptly got to work. Carlos began cutting rebar and mixing cement, sand, chippings, and water into a soupy concrete slurry to pour down the pipes easily. I began gluing the various pieces together. I had earlier cut several 8-inch pieces of pipe so that all that would be ready when we started.
It all went together like clockwork. Carlos tied the rebar bits together and poured concrete down the tube as I guided the slurry going in so we didn't waste too much. Then I glued on the final cap and we moved on to the next one. All together, the project took about two hours to complete.
Looks Good to Me
Next comes the mooring cleats that Chuck already provided for me. The final piece will be the swing-up boarding ladder. I'm not going to explain it now. You'll just have to wait and see.


JRinSC said...

Neatly - and permanently - done! I would think they will hold up for as long as you would ever need them.

By the way...any update on your local croc's? I notice you didn't mention putting in a ladder of any sort. Can't imagine why, unless for a quick way out if you were to fall in by mistake.

Any feel for what kind of boat, if any, you might eventually acquire?

Take care,


Dave Rider said...

Hi Julian,

Thanks. I checked them this morning. They are solid as a rock.

Crocs are still using the canal and sunning themselves on the banks over near Doug and Twyla's - it's easier to get out over there.

A swing ladder is on its way down from up north, stay tuned.

I'd still love to get a sailboat of some sort, but just about anything would work. Now all we need is money to be able to get it.

Hope Santa is good to you.


Lion Lady said...


Neat looking mooring "bollards" and enjoyed reading the process for installing but with the talk of "croc's", the white pipe looked like memorial crosses. Please, for my peace of mind, install ladders at various locations on the dock so you can excape the croc's or swim fast.

Didn't send xams cards out this year but wanted to thank you for yours & D. Also wish you a very Happy New Year. May not write all the time but think of you both often (especially during our Winter months--still green w/ envy). Jeanette

Dave Rider said...

Hi Jeanette,

Nobody swims in the canal for that very reason.
I will be installing a cool (hopefully) swing ladder sometime in January, whenever it arrives down here. I having it shipped down.
It's good to hear from you too Jeanette. Write when you can.