21 December, 2012

OMG! The Sun Almost Didn't Come Up Today!

Would you believe it? On the very day that the Long Count Calendar ends,  eerily, we have the shortest day and longest night of the year. Coincidence? Conspiracy? What did the ancient Mayans know that we don't know?

Well for starters, they probably sacked out just a little bit longer. Then, when they got up to make some 'Mayan Magic Coffee' to start another day of sacrificing virgins in a nearby cenote, would  just rip a stone sheet off the old 'Long Counter' as the Mayan cognoscenti might have called the calendar and start with the Mayan equivalent of January once again... Well, that and look forward to longer and warmer days to come for a few months. I mean, it does seem to get bloody cold during those long nights when all you've got to wear are feather robes and masks.

From some of the news reports this morning, crazies, weirdos, and alternative reality practitioners have been gathering at various ancient and sacred sites all around the world (Chichen Itza and others in Mexico; Lamanai, Alton Ha, and Santa Rita, right here in Corozal, in Belize; Bugarach Peak in the Pyrenees of France; For some obscure reason, Stalin's underground bunker in Moscow, Russia - Hey, whatever works; Mount Rtanj in Serbia; The village of Sirince in Turkey; Cisternino in southern Italy; The province of Qinghai in central China - where police have been busting heads of those who were getting a little too enthusiastic; and finally, several taverns and other watering holes in the US, probably mostly around Los Angeles), waiting for breakfast (no, that's not right, cross that out) - waiting for a sign of the apocalypse, or for the Mayan mother ship or something to magically appear in the sky (maybe they have the updated Romulan cloaking device) and either save us all or incinerate us all or some other thing that totally transforms/remakes/destroys the world.

Some feel that the 'galactic bridge has been established' allowing for the free transmission of something between here and there - wherever that is. Maybe it'll be an easy walk.

The good news so far is that we're all still here (except I guess, those folks who were set to check out of the system even if nothing earth-shattering was going to take place or not). I guess that's a good sign. No three days of darkness (I'm not sure if that event is connected to the Mayan end of the world thing or not), no alien ships, not much of anything.

It was really foggy here this morning. Does that count? I am looking forward to the sun burning that off and warming things up once again. It'll be nice if there's no rain today so that we have some pooltime during happy hour this afternoon. That is unless our Mayan/alien overlords have other ideas. Maybe they want to join us in the pool.

You think they'll want if for themselves?

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