04 November, 2012

Pizza Pizza

You'd almost think we were at a Little Ceaser's or something, only this was much, much better.

Yesterday, while I was out with David and Bruce at a meeting of the Corozal Men's Group, Dianna was 'hanging out' (her words) with Elizabeth (David's wife) and Colleen (Bruce's wife) over at our place for the afternoon. Dianna had told me that we would probably have some homemade pizza when we got back from the meeting.

Dianna had sort of assumed that she and the girls were going to make the pizzas, so she couldn't figure out why the three of them were just sitting around on our pool deck (the water was too cold in the pool itself) late into the afternoon, sucking down homemade panty rippers (a drink ideally suited for Belize's One Barrel rum) instead.

I had pretty much assumed the same thing so it was a real surprise, when we three guys drove up to the pool house and David immediately hopped out of the Isuzu and into the kitchen and got right to work, chopping peppers, cilantro, pepperonis, and all sorts of other stuff for pizzas.
The Master Pizzaiolo At Work
David fired up the oven, started warming their pizza stone, just seemed way too organized for casual pizza making.

Elizabeth told Dianna that David makes pizza weekly at their place, so he's quite well practiced in the preparation of the dish.

Little did either of us suspect such a culinary treat. David is a pizza maker extraordinaire. The three two (I thought it was three, Dianna told me it was only two. Might as well have been three as stuffed as I was at the end) gems he cranked out were superb. A nice, thin crust, made with a touch of different flours for character along with the other ingredients. Wow! [You really need to check out Elizabeth's and David's blog at The Wright Time In Belize ( - They're both great cooks - d]

Throw in Dianna's salad and Bruce's fruit salad. What a feast! Yummers!
Dishing Out The Salad
There was plenty of food for all of us. Each of us had at least two helpings of everything. David had made three pizzas, so it was a testament to his skills that there were only two pieces left over.
Getting Ready to Eat
One of the simple touches of life here in Belize was the 'pizza shovel', or more properly as we learned last night, a 'pizza peel' that David used - was a pizza box lid from one of Corozo Blue's take away pizzas. Which, until tackling David's pizzas last night, we thought had the best pizza in town. Hah! How wrong we were. In the hands of a true Maestro, pizza becomes an epicurean wonder - light, savory, wonderful scented. Ah, there's really just no comparison. Blue's pizza comes in a distant second.
Having a Good Time
What an enjoyable evening. After a tough afternoon of solving all the world's major and minor problems, as we do at each meeting of the Men's Group, it was really refreshing and a lot of fun to relax with friends and enjoy such a great feast. Truly a night to remember.

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