13 October, 2012

Everything's Coming Up Roses

Would you believe cucumbers and radishes and lettuce?

Dianna's developing a real green thumb with her new raised bed garden. The stuff is veritably springing up.

It'll be no time at all and we'll have to approach that area only with a sharp machete to be able to hack our way through.
Veggies Springing Out of the Ground
I hope this is a sign of things to come as far as veggies growing in our garden. If everything comes up like this and keeps growing, why we'll be eating healthier than we ever have. Ewell Gibbons (remember him?) eat your heart out!

I can just see it now… Several varieties of lettuce, and spinach, cucumbers, and this and that and… Lord only knows what else. We may grow enough that we'll have to trade with our neighbors for stuff that we don't grow. What a new (and healthful) experience this all could be.
Cucumbers Sprouting
We might even have to take lessons on carrying our produce from the 'radish lady'. She's a little, elderly lady, who speaks no English but has a nice smile and always says "Buenos Dias" each time we walk by.

She walks to and from her farm south of us just about every day and then she goes from there into town to the market, carrying the produce she's harvested in a large pan balanced on her head. Maybe we'll have to get our own stall at the market.
And More Veggies Popping Up
If you're wondering, the green netting stuff in each of the photos was a well-intentioned but totally ineffective tool to keep April out the the garden beds and to prevent her from doing her own gardening. Thankfully, Regina will be coming back and is bringing a couple packs of bird netting which we'll be able to put to good use, not only to keep April out, but the birds as well.

Well, I guess, before we construct the stall and all that, maybe we should see if we actually get a crop of veggies coming to maturity, or if we just manage to grow a healthy crop of weeds. Time will tell. 


JRinSC said...

Nice to see a project come together... but you're right not to start eating all the veggies until they get all the way through the gauntlet and make it upstairs to the table.

I have read several other blogs (now they didn't have near the neat setup you have for sure)where all started out well only for something to go wrong. But, with all your preparation and neat, efficient layout I'm betting you'll be able to have one great harvest after another. Then you can cut up some cucumbers and onions and stick 'em in some vinegar and water. Man, they are good.

I just finished setting up my first batch of "pepper vinegar" and in a few weeks we'll see what I have.

Meanwhile, glad all is looking well hope you get a ditch out there soon.

Take care,


Dave Rider said...

Hi Julian,

Thanks for the nice comment. I'm looking forward to trying my hand at making plain ol' dill pickles. I've gotten them (now and then) from D's Super Market, but if I can do my own, that'd be great.
I might have to try some pepper vinegar.


Vivien said...

Good for you guys.
I want to be the first to be placed to the customer list.
A couple of years ago Mae gave me some little tomatoes from her garden that were so delicious. There is nothing like fresh, home grown produce.

What about trying to grow potatoes? It was hard to get a decent Belizean grown potato there last year.

Dave Rider said...

Hi Vivien,

We got some of those tomatoes too. They were great.
I'm waiting for some tater eyes to sprout, then we'll plant 'em and see how they do.
We should have enough to share.