15 September, 2012

Last Vacation Bit and Pieces

Here's some photos from our vacation to San Pedro with the Eternal Eight. I completely forgot to post this posting. It's been languishing in the back waters of the blog for some time now. If I'm not mistaken, all these photos are taken by Judy Smith and she gave me permission kindly, to use them.

I've always thought this was one of the most colorful veggie stands in town. It's not at the market, but on 4th Avenue, right beside the Smart Phone building. It's just not convenient for me to stop and shop there very often. Plus, they're not open when I come by with the doggies at 6:00 AM.
Colorful Stand on 4th Avenue Beside the 'Smart' Building
A nice shot of the wood-fired pizza oven at Corozo Blue's Restaurant. That pizza the chef is holding tastes every bit as good as it looks too.
Time to Chow Down
Now we shift over to San Pedro on Ambergris Caye, where we go for vacation just like real tourists do.
Having Too Much Fun
Dean and Lori - They're from Boston. Dean introduced me to the Red Sox Nation at their Spring Training camp in Ft. Meyers, FL several years ago. I'm still a die-hard Cubs fan, however.
Dean and Lori
Here's George and Judy. Judy takes some amazing photos - real compositions. I'm just a hack with a camera, she's an artiste.
George and Judy
I think these underwater shots were pretty cool. This was from the Hol Chan-Shark Ray Alley excursion.
At Shark Ray Alley - By Pam Humphrey
A Ray At Shark Ray Alley - by Pam Humphrey
Coral and Fish - by Pam Humphrey
Here's Roy and Pam. They're from the Old Sod - England. Long trip to come to Belize. They're big-time into the Motocross organization in the UK.
Roy and Pam
Store shelf organization in Belize. I don't see what the problem is.
Strange Bunk-Mates
Ahh, even on vacation, you have to keep up appearances. Here I really was hard at work doing some of the postings I made while we were on vacation. It never ends, I tell ya - work that is... Well, for us, the vacation never ends either. When we left San Pedro, we had a 15 minute flight back home to our swimming pool and coconut palms. Life is rough, but somebody's got to do it. I'm glad we volunteered.
The Writer At Work


Anonymous said...

Strange Bunkmates? The thing they have in common is chain-sawing!



Dave Rider said...

Hi Lefty,

Ye gods!, I hope that's not the voice of experience speaking from your moniker.
'Chain-sawing' - Coming from the Northwest, I can believe it. Git lickered up and go cut some lumber.
Thanks for the chuckle.


Anonymous said...


Not to worry. Chain saws and rum do not mix. Just had an interesting experience though, with 2-stroke oil. I had let someone use my saw, did not have to use it here in suburbia until 8 weeks ago. Opened the case and wondered "Why is my chain saw submerged in oil?" They had forgotten to tighten the cap on the pint of 2-stroke. An interesting cleaning job.

However, when in Athens, GA, the next door no-good neighbor decided at 3 AM, after considerable drinking, that he could use a skylight. He roughed one in with a chain saw, but failed to install the skylight.

So much for my tales. Now for some Mt. Gay Barbados rum and ginger.

Best regards,

Dennis (with all limbs still attached)

Dave Rider said...

Hi Dennis... er, Lefty,

Nice tale. Aren't neighbors interesting?
We had one when we lived in Vancouver USA like that. We had two gorgeous elderly maple trees in our front yard (the whole street was lined with beautiful maples.
One overhung his yard slightly and would drop leaves into his yard. So, he took it upon himself to prune that tree. What a butcher job. Still, I guess we were lucky he didn't just chop it down.
I'm glad you're still intact.