09 June, 2012

Am I Cute or What?

Just the other day, Dianna and I were talking about how fast April (our new kitty) is growing. I had just taken her in to see Dr. Sheila for April's third de-worming and shots visit. She's now four and a half pounds, double what she was three weeks ago.

Anyway, Dianna commented that she was wondering when April would discover the roll of toilet paper in the bathroom. We agreed that it probably wouldn't be too much longer.

April and Her Handiwork
It wasn't. The very next morning I came into the bathroom only to find half the roll all over the floor and April busy shredding that. I reached around the doorjamb and grabbed my camera from the bookshelf in the dining room and the above photo was the result. No time to spend making sure stray camera straps or feet weren't in the photo.

April quickly decided to try to grab the strap, but I was too quick for her - this time. We had forgotten just how rambunctious and how full of energy young cats can be. She goes all day long, with lots of time-outs for naps, of course.

The dogs seem to be adjusting to her antics and to being constantly attacked by her. In fact, they are finally beginning to play with her. Secret had her flat on her back yesterday and was poking her large, wet doggie nose several times into April's tummy - which caused April to flail away with her paws, trying to nail Secret's nose. Good thing we've trimmed April's claws, she's much less deadly as a result.

One good thing, she learned quickly how to snuggle and sleep with us at night, instead of chasing and attacking us throughout the night. We no longer keep the bedroom door closed to keep her out. Much better for air circulation fro us and for a peaceful night's sleep.

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Vivien said...

She sure is cute and poses nicely for the camera.