09 April, 2012

Last Day of the Big Holiday

Easter's about the biggest holiday around here. It was nice to just be able to relax and hang out in the pool during the heat of the day, and to not hear too much of dump trucks, dozers, graders, and more dump trucks, etc.

I've been meaning to mention something about this family of geese we walk by every day. Momma and poppa are very protective of their goslings, of which there number about eight or ten. It was funny the other day as their human caretaker was trying to herd them a little closer to the yard. Remember that commercial with the cowboys herding cats? very similar.
Keeping An Eye On the Family
We even fired up the barbie on Easter Sunday. Dianna fixed a dynamite potato salad and I cleaned some stuff out of the freezer that cooked up as tasty as you could possibly want. We ate under our patio palapa. As we had been in the pool since 10:30 AM, and we ate at 2:00 PM, we had been in the pool for three and a half hours, the break for a BBQ'd meal was most welcome.
Got Some Stuff to Grill
Of course, we went back in the pool after stuffing ourselves. We reckon we logged about six hours of pool time yesterday.

So, today, Monday, according to Wikipedia, it's called Easter Monday in some locations. For us, it was just another day to spend in the sun and in the pool. We did take time to finish the framing for the shade house, going up beside our main house.

The two views below show how the structure is shaping up. I tried out the shade cloth I had left over from the pool awning project, but, I only have enough left for about half of the shade house.. So, I'll have to get in to Lano's sometime tomorrow morning and see if I can get an additional twelve feet. I'll also be returning the fence gate-tee's I bought there that were too big. I do have the receipt.
Shade House Looking West
 I think this view actually give you a better idea of the size of the structure. It's about eight-feet tall at the center of the arch, so it is pretty good sized.
Shade House Looking East
Well, so much for the Easter holiday. We didn't even see any zombies. Tomorrow, it's back to the old grind - whatever that is. I mean, every day is Saturday for us.

I just noticed - the photo above shows the new step up to the raised bed area along with the stone columns supporting the hand rail. I think this was asked about by Wilma, so there's the answer to your question Wilma. Sorry for neglecting it for so long.

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