28 April, 2012

Animals Hatch Plot to Join Families

Gaining a new pet, or letting a new pet into your life is not something that happens every day. It always seems to be a special event for everyone.

Case in point. Our caretaker Cody, had a dog who had some puppies ( I think, five of them). Most were adopted out and one didn't survive (it is real life after all). There's two left. One was adopted by Cody's daughter Monique, who you can see below with her chosen pet 'Spotty'. Cody and Monique had come over today to show us the dogs.

Monique was able to come along as today was a half-day at school for her since it was her teacher's payday. It seems teacher payday is half-day school for the students. Sounds like a deal to me for the teachers, anyway.
Monique and Spotty
 Spotty was just along for demonstration purposes. The real reason was Cody wanted to have us see the other (as yet, un-named) puppy to see if one of our friends would want to adopt her. We were going to announce her at our weekly 'happy hour' and see if anyone wanted this cute, brown and white, totally tailless puppy.
Monique and Cody and Spotty and ?
 Well, as luck would have it, our other worker Carlos who's responsible for the patio bench wall, the new pole installation and many other projects as well, heard about the puppy and wanted her. Dianna loaned him her phone and Carlos sealed the deal over the phone right then and there with Cody.

Here's a  nice close-up of the unnamed doggy taking a nap. She's a beaut, for sure. I'm sure that by now, she has a name and is becoming part of Carlos' family. Although, as with most Belizean families, dogs occupy more of a work position in the household than that of simply being a pet. I'm sure the  same will be so with Carlos and this new arrival. Carlos said he only had one dog and very much needed a second to help protect his place.
Unnamed Puppy
The other part of the story... Just this afternoon, we got an email from new friends of ours David and Elizabeth, who recently bought Tony and Nellie's place in Ranchito. They're busy packing and getting ready to move down here from the States since their house sold much faster than they thought possible (see folks, I guess the economy is improving).

Anyway, one of their pets, a goldfish by the name of Bob, is also looking for a new home. Here's a verbatim extract from the email they sent us:
"Hi everyone,

Let me introduce myself. My name is Bob, and I'm a goldfish in need of a home.
Bob's Looking For New Digs Too
My fish parents are moving to Belize and they just broke the news to me that I won't be coming along for their adventure. While I was initially upset, after they explained how the stupid airlines won't allow goldfish on their planes (a goofy discriminatory practice if I ever heard of one), I realized I needed to get my fins in gear to find someone to adopt me.

Allow me to give a few particulars:

  • I am very low maintenance. Give me a pinch of goldfish food in the  morning, and I'm set for the day.
  • While I've been used to a roomy 30 gallon aquarium, I am very content swimming around in a fishbowl.
  • Let's face facts: I have a memory span of three seconds, so each turn around my digs is like discovering it all over again.
  • I'm quiet, don't shed, bark, yowl, or produce any unpleasant, dare I  say, hairballs or other malodorous emissions that other pets are known to do.
  • Whether you prefer the aquarium (complete with gravel, plants, filter,  vacuum, and retrieval net) or the fishbowl, both they and me are bargain priced: FREE!
Please don't let me lose any more sleep wondering if my future is with the "swoosh" of the porcelain god or in a loving home where I can be the pet of your dreams. If you're interested in adopting me, please reply to this email.

I wait with "baited" breath.

All the best,
Thanks to Bob's 'fish parents' for letting me reproduce his letter.

 Now, you take 1) us getting a new family member, April; 2) Cody and Monique gaining a new family member and looking for a good home for one other; 3) Carlos getting a new family member; and finally, 4) David and Elizabeth's Bob who was striking out on his own looking for a good home... Coincidence? I think not. There's definitely something afoot here. I'm not sure exactly what it is, but I've a sneaking suspicion.


Lynn and Pete said...

Well your new baby girl is just darling! I think the coconut telegraph told her to wander into your place since you needed a new cat! HAHA!
Did Tony and Nellie move back to Holland then? Always something changing!!

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures of the new baby kitty! She's just darling! Can't wait to see her!
On another note, did Tony and Nellie move back to the Netherlands for good? Always something changing!

Dave Rider said...

Hi Lynn and Pete, and Anymouse,

Something seems similar about these comments...

Anyway, No, Tony and Nellie have bought into a seniors mobile home park in Oregon near their son. They still plan on doing part of the year over in Holland/Belgium. I know they were planning to spend some of the winter down here in Paradise. I don't know if that has changed now that their place here as sold. Guess we'll find out.


Unknown said...

BUT????? What about BOB?? Did he get the good and loving home that he so richly deserved? Is he still floating in limbo? Please...... not the big flush!!

Dave Rider said...

Hi Colleen,

That reminds me of the Bill Murray flick 'What About Bob'. It also had Richard Dreyfus. Maybe there's a connection. Bob or Bob was insecure, feeling persecuted...

Well, before we get too far afield, yes, Bob got a good home. One of his neighbors offered to take him and the aquarium, so the big flush has become a distant memory for Bob.

Thanks for thinking of him. I should have done a follow-up posting and compltely forgot. I know that's unusual in this blog, but, there you have it. The truth will out.