14 April, 2012

After the Grab Bag

Here's a few shots that slipped through the cracks. My apologies to all concerned.

Our neighbor Denis, who works for a tree trimming company with an unpronounceable name (Could it be Asplundh?)  I did find out the name loosely translates from Swedish to 'grove of aspen trees'.
Getting His Lopper Ready
Anyway, Dianna was able to capitalize on his expertise by blinking her baby blues and getting him to prune some of  our trees around the yard.

Denis Ready to Prune Trees
Things looked much better around Casa Winjama once Denis got done. Instead of our usual butcher job with such things that we know nothing about, a true professional made quick and easy-looking work of the project.

While the pruning was going on, we saw a small Mennonite house being towed toward its destination.
Small House Moving Down the Road
Of course Denis can't work without proper supervision. Vivien, Denis' better half, fulfilled that mission while at the same time giving our girls some deserved attention. Who says there's no such thing as double-tasking?
Vivien Loving Secret
While our friends from up north were here visiting, they took some photos. This one, taken by Judy, is of the little fruit and veggie stand beside the Smart telecomm building on 4th Avenue in Corozal. I've always thought this looked like a nice, colorful and clean shop, but I hardly ever shop there as they're never open when we come by with the dogs.
4th Avenue Veggie Vendor - by Judy Smith
Here's another by Judy. This wood-fired pizza oven is a real treasure. It's so cool when your pizza shows up at your table with the smell of wood smoke wafting around. You just know it's going to be yummers.
Hot Out of the Oven - by Judy Smith
Here's some shots of all of us from our Ambergris Caye holiday. I'm not sure who took them, I'm guessing either Judy or Pam, so again, my apologies for not getting that straight.
Dianna and Me
Dean and Lori
George and Judy
Roy and Pam
On the last full day of the holiday, Pam and Roy, and Judy and George took a trip to Hol Chan and Shark Ray Alley. Now, I know they've recently had some problems with a couple of tourists who drowned while snorkeling there. I don't know the particulars of that incident at all, other than to say it was an unfortunate accident. I certainly wouldn't let it put me off from going to Hol Chan and enjoying what, in George's words: "Judy and I've snorkeled all over the world. This, by far, was the best we've every enjoyed".
Guide and Friend At Hol Chan - by Pam Humphrey
Hol Chan Shark Ray Alley - by Pam Humphrey
Hol Chan Coral - by Pam Humphrey
Here's another interesting shot by Judy. I dunno, maybe it's an engine degreaser as well as a rum drink.

Strange Bunkmates - by Judy Smith
Ok. Last one. Here's yours truly sweating over a hot keyboard instead of outside by the pool soaking up rays.
The Writer At Work

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