17 March, 2012

The Next Step

The next step in the shade house project actually is the first step. I had to go to Lano's Hardware to get the flanges, nipples, and screws to mount the flanges on the low wall.

Installing the Flanges
That part is done. I did that yesterday. This morning, Denis rode with me while we went into town to see if the muffler shop was open. They were. You're probably asking what that has to do with making a shade house. It's fairly important in a way, as they're my best hope at getting some 1 3/8" fence tubing bent in a gentle curve to cover the twelve-foot span from the existing fence to where the flanges are.

From the muffler shop we went to Lano's again to buy one length of tubing, getting it cut to fourteen-feet, with the extra six-feet becoming an upright and fitted into a flange. Denis and I took the long piece back to the muffler shop, where we met with the first disappointment of the project.

The owner told me his bending machines were 'angle-benders' and couldn't make a gentle curve like I wanted. Bummer. His assistant had thought the other day that they could do that. Shows why he's the assistant. Anyway, the owner did say that a couple of the shops making burglar bars may be able to jury-rig something and accomplish what I wanted. He suggested we start with Botes' Metal Fabrication, or Vasco Doors and Windows.

After wandering around a bit, we finally located Botes', but they were closed. So, it was off to Vasco. We're in luck - maybe. They think they can do what I want. Anyway, the fabrication 'Maestro' was pretty sure he could. They said to come back around 4:00 PM today to pick it up. I probably won't make that time as I'll be thick into things as the Men's Group meeting. So, I'll probably check on it Monday morning.

See, that's why things never get done on time here. One party or the other always gets waylaid and delayed for some reason or the other and no one worries about it. No one calls to say I can't make at the specified time, they just show up whenever. I've slipped into the same mode. Ain't it grand?

That's the end of the project work for today. More updates to come, I'm sure.


JRinSC said...

Good luck on your newest endeavor!

Looks substantial but just want to ask if you'll have to take the fabric down in a blow? If so, is there any easy way to attach/remove?

Maybe just lift off the supports and two people walk it under the house?

Oh, and it looks like our next trip to Belize took a back seat to a cruise in Australia and New Zealand this December... oh well... only so much $$$

Just curious...


Dave Rider said...

Hi Julian,

I've been trying to think of an easy way to mount the shadecloth for just that thing. No spark of genius or even mediocrity has happened yet. I have high hopes that something will surface.

The only thing I've come up with is using cable ties, and that may be the thing - just run by with my cutters, snip, snip, snip then roll up the fabric and stash it in the workshop.

The metal framework will stay in place because it will be all bolted together and by itself, should be pretty 'blow' resistant.

That sounds like a fun trip. Maybe you'll get to see the hobbit set.


Unknown said...

Hey Dave, ya might want to rethink the cable ties. Thtas what we are using on the shade screen on the front porch. We are on the second set and the are already starting to fail. Not sure if its the sun or the quality of the local ties. Just sayin"

Dave Rider said...

Hi Colleen,

I was wondering about that. Any ideas of what would make a good replacement?... Anyone?


JRinSC said...

How about those clips you use for shower curtains? The metal ones that you go around the rod, through the curtain and then clip back together. Kinda shaped like a loop but with a large end fitted to a small end. Not saying it well. But we've all used them when we wanted the curtain up and didn't pay any attention to fashion???


JRinSC said...

Hey Dave,

How about those cheap aluminum clips that are used to put up shower curtains? The ones that just go through the hole and clip back together. You know, the ones we used to use before women were involved... cheap and functional.

That's about the only thing that comes to mind... but when I have this problem I just go the closest hardware store and just roam the isles until "it" happens.

Good luck,


Dave Rider said...

Hi Julian,

I thought of those things for the project. The only problem is they're hard to come by down here. But, Denis, my neighbor across the street has a good workable solution - heavy monofilament fishing line. It's also UV resistant. I think that'll work like a charm.