10 February, 2012

Engrish Nightlights

I bought four LED nightlights for our pool house this morning. Nice little multi-colored things that use about 1 Watt of current. They seem to work just fine.
The Box It Came In
I am concerned about the use instructions that came on the box. I quote:

LED Use explanation
  • This 'Product' bright lamp-hour surface show red orchid green three kind of color, color beautiful.
  • The 'Product' longevity long, power low, can do long bright small night lamp.
  • This 'Product' operating tension: 160-250V-50Hz
An additional note was on the other side of the box:
  • In complete rapport The color grow clear
Well, I'm glad they cleared that up. I was quite worried about all this.

I just have no idea if I'm using them correctly or not.


JRinSC said...

Thanks for the rum info. I'm sure that won't be a problem.

And now you've solved what I can do on the side for extra income. I bet you I can do a much better description for some of these imports - especially those relating to consumer electronics. I was an ET in the Navy and I still remember a lot of the "official" type words that would really improve some of those descriptions... LOL.

Good thing you can tell just what is is....

Wilma said...

sounds magical!

Anonymous said...

I think this is properly designated as "Chinglish". What concerns me is the 50 Hz designation which suggests European voltage and frequency. I Googled info provided, and Alibaba indicated a number of different options for this product. If you agree to purchase a minimum of 3000 units, you can get additional information (:-D)

Dave Rider said...

Ok, now I know it's a lost cause. Julian wants to mix liquor and electronics - a dangerous combination if there ever was one.

Wilma wants to bring Harry Potter into the equation. That's all we need - more wands in the fire, so to speak.

And Anymouse wants us to go into global distribution of the damned things - just so we can get more information - that was probably written by the same guys who wrote the package info.

Thanks alot. I feel so much more in control of this situation... Really.

sandy a. said...

I always find the labeling of products that come from China that are distributed in Belize amusing! They must be using Google translator and not caring about the accuracy. I notice that none of the Chinese products distributed in the US have the same labeling problem. Wonder why?