28 December, 2011

New Eateries In Town

Something I haven't talked about in some time is places to eat here in Corozal. It's about time that I do, as we've got several new places for you to tie on the feed bag.

There's Corozo Blues, located in one of the coolest locations in town. On the Northern Highway here Haley's used to be, it's tucked in the corner as you round the bend coming north into Corozal, just in front of Tony's Inn and Beach Resort and across the road from Menzie's Caribbean Village RV Park and Campground.
Corozo Blue's Street Sign
We ate there last evening with Denis and Vivien, neighbors of ours from across the street. We all had pizza, cooked in Corozo Blue's wood-fired brick pizza oven. Without doubt, the best pizza we've had in Belize.
Corozo Blue's
They've done an amazing job with the remodeling. The place is gorgeous. Blue's has a varied international menu at reasonable and higher-end prices for Corozal, superbly appointed furnishings, good service and atmosphere. We ate on their patio, simply the best location going. It's not a place I'd eat at every day, but now and then and for special occasions, it'd be hard to beat.

Another nice eatery is the Copper Horse Inn, comprising a restaurant and hotel. Located at 4th Street and 2nd Avenue, in the former Marc Anthony Hotel and Butchie's Restaurant, it's set along the sea front on the northern end of Corozal, just north of the Sea Breeze Hotel. The lady who owns it is remodeling the hotel rooms and has done a very nice job re-doing the restaurant. Very pleasant atmosphere, and the menu is very good. Portions are large and reasonably priced as well.

Copper Horse Inn
Eating on the Copper Horse's porch is still as much fun as it used to be with Butchie's. The menu features north American-style dishes and is very well presented. The chocolate cake desert looks scrumptious and is very popular.

Next, is the Wood House Bistro, a Chinese restaurant. I know what you're thinking, 'Great. All we need is another Chinese restaurant here in Corozal.' Well, apparently we do, because I've not heard a negative word about the food. Very well prepared and presented in a wood structure - an almost mirror image to Primo's Casita a couple doors north.
Wood House Bistro
Their specialty is Szechuan food, so when the menu says 'hot' or 'spicy', be ready. They mean it. I'm looking forward to getting my taste buds activated there.

At long last, we have another Indian restaurant in Corozal - well, actually in Ranchito (a village on the south edge of Corozal). According to Craig (a friend of ours who is seeing if they really do freeze off of a brass monkey. He spent Christmas up in South Dakota) "D Jackson's is not really a restaurant, it used to be two brothers on bikes selling samosas. About a month ago the papa stopped by the house, he was selling butter chicken and curry chicken out of his car. He dropped off a menu that had 20 items on it that you can order (their phone number is 664-2686) and he will deliver. The food is pretty good.". In fact, we've bought several things (samosa's and roti's) from the young boys on their bikes. They carry everything in plastic coolers and use squeeze-horns to announce their presence. I can vouch for Craig's statement - the food is pretty good.

I heard about D. Jackson's from Bruce (who's bringing me a copy of their menu). He heard about it from Craig. How Craig found it I have no idea. Maybe I'll email him and ask. They deliver all over Ranchito and Corozal at no additional charge either. It seems pretty reasonably priced and with a pretty comprehensive menu - curry dishes, masalas, rotis, tandooris, etc. I know it sounds kind of confusing. It was to us as well till we figured that we were each talking about the same place.

There's also a new take-away chicken wing joint, Crabby E's. We've gotten their wings once so far. Nice and spicy. You can get it mild as well, or even get the sauce on the side for even more control. Portions are nice and big. They leave off the wing tips, so there's no wasted bit included that you can't eat.
Crabby E's Take Out
The way it works at Crabby E's is you drive up (or call, once they get to know you) and place your order. Then go shopping somewhere in Corozal for a half-hour, then come back and pick up your order. Simple, eh? Good, simple eats!

And last on the list is one I've written about before - La Louisianne, located in the former Club Malibu on 7th Avenue.
La Louisianne Restaurant
Still no idea about the menu or anything other than we've heard through the grape vine that they're opening on New Years.

Doing all this has made me hungry. I'm going out to the kitchen and fix myself a peanut butter and dill pickle sandwich.


Emily said...

Great information, thanks! I'm craving some of that pizza from Corozo Blues right now. Sounds great!

Dave Rider said...

Hi Emily,

Bon Appétit! Their pizza is hard to beat. I did hear from a friend you have to make sure the correct chef is on duty. One can make the thin crust pizza and (of course) the other can't. They didn't know who was who. I would guess the way to do it would be to specify thin crust when you order it.

Next best pizza is Carlos' Pizzeria over in Orange Walk. Look in the index if you're curious about that place. It's always worth a stop at Carlos' if you're over there to go to the Boundary Store.


JRinSC said...

Sounds like things are looking up for the Corozal area! Glad to hear it. I surely would not believe the shuttered Hurricane Bar is now that good looking restaurant!

We enjoyed a fine meal at Butchie's -- I think we were the only people we saw there when we ate. Glad things are improving.

You didn't mention the Y-not Grill at Tony's. I know it is not new, but on hard times. Have they reopened? We had some great meals there when we stayed at the CB Resort next door.

Watch your waistline, eat at home some -- but not peanut butter and dill pickles together. How in the world can we believe your blog comments if they come from someone with taste buds that appreciate that combo. LOL (Truth is that I have not tried it myself -- will do if I remember and have the courage.)


Emily said...

Thanks for the tips! We live on Ambergris Caye but are hoping to get up your way sometime in the new year. Always love food recommendations!

Houseboatwayne said...

Peanut butter and dill pickle sandwich. WHAT YOU TALKING ABOUT WILLIS?

In Alabama peanut butter and banana sandwich. Never heard of dill pickles.....

Dave Rider said...

Hi Houseboat,
I got PB&DP from my dad. All my friends ate PB&B. I never did try that. I've just always loved the dill pickles on it.

Hi Emily,
We just had a mini-vacation with the Men's Group over there. First time I'd ever driven a golf cart. Kinda fun.

Hey Julian,
Yes, I think it's a sign of things improving up here. Another indicator (strange as it may seem) was the amount of fireworks being set off this Christmas. For the past couple of years there were a few, but this Christmas, Wooo! A ton of fireworks. Sounded like a battle-zone. I'm not sure what firecrackers have to do with Christmas, but there you go.
My guess is, unless Tony's spiffs up the Y-Not and speeds up the service, they may get lost in the wake.
I've just always thought PB&DP was an unknown delicacy. Give it a try.

Dave Rider said...

Hi Everyone,

Well, I guess it's the time of year for 'low-lifes' to crawl out from under their rocks again.

If they're wondering why a comment they made didn't appear... here's why: