05 December, 2011

The Expedition Returns

Dateline... the wilds of Ambergris - Our intrepid travelers, the Corozal Men's Group Expeditionary Force (also known as the Bohemian Expeditionary and Epicurean Reportage (BEER) contingent, has just reported back from it's task of finding the fabled and long-lost Debbie's Beach, private hideaway on the north part of Ambergris Caye..
Tres Caballeros
This place, long dreamed about by armchair explorers, was taken up as a sacred mission by members of the aforesaid BEER contingent, to attempt to locate it and to, if possible, conduct an orderly and organized reconnoiter to determine, if it in fact, was as it appeared upon the aether, known in some more pedestrian circles as the Internet.

Having corralled a trusty steed, initially foreign to our skills, the contingent ensured the probable success of the mission by ensuring that there was sufficient quantity and variety of liquid nourishment aboard as we set out on our quest
Aboard the Subdued Beast

Along the way, we spotted many a maiden, fair and otherwise, and all manner of strange mounts, trained by many local lords and vassals, to ease their travels.
What Manner of Beast This Be?
Also, lest ye think this a route of leisure alone, we accosted all manner of dragons. Protecting their lair with breathing fire, we braved their keep, subduing some and chasing others, One huge mighty dragon, invisible though he was, we trapped in a stable and forced him to joust. We narrowly avoided injury to our steed and ourselves. Once free from his nefarious clutches, we continued our noble quest.
Dragons, Aye, And Plenty
Many the miles of dusty trail, we thanked the smarter of our band who foresaw the wisdom of stopping and ensuring our larder was full. An assortment of ales and stouts, a seasonal brew among the lot, we braved the trek.
Many Long and Barren Miles
At last we spied a spire of hope. A pole, looking out at yon lagoon. With the skies clearing, we took heart that our quest would complete in a satisfactory aire.
Hoof Prints Around, Obviously a Restful Lay-by
Near the end of our trek, fearing we might run out of supplies before finding the point of our quest, we spied a gate guarding a bridge and moat. This looked likely and beckoned us hither. Dare we go? Of course! We're not the Bohemian Expeditionary and Epicurean Reportage contingent for nothing!
The Outer Walls and Castle Gate
We vanquished our fears and urged our steed onto the creaky bridge. In the middle of the moat we cheered our pluck. Success will be ours just a short ride away.
Celebrating Our Quest In Sight
Arriving into the courtyard we rode. Hidden in the trees, it looks a goodly place, full of promise of rest and fun, Caribbean sunrise and set, visions of things to come.
In the Courtyard
Thus, to ensure we've come this far, with no error in our path, a sign we spy upon the walls. "Debbie's Beach" it proudly calls. Strange name and all, it looks just fine. We'll scout anon then mount up and head on.
A Squinty Glare Assures the Place
The far side of the castle shows the enchanted sea and just beyond, the reef keeps safe, waves crashing, creating a muted roar, protecting all who come this far.
At the Eastern Gate, A Private Dock. White Sand Beach and More
Back in the castle proper, all manner of relaxing contrivances just await. Maintained by Rife, the resident vassal, who maintains all in readiness for our call.
Round Tub and Bubbles Await
Next a square tub within the larger, seems stretching toward infinity's distance. We'll try it soon, just you wait.
Mysterious Structures - A Square Within A Square
And thus our tale comes to an end. We the contingent of BEER, were running low. We had many inns along our route, which awaited our custom.

But, never fear. Your steeds stand ready. You'll be making this trek. Many wonders yet await!

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