26 September, 2011

Cloaking Device in Action

"Captain, this vessel came into the yards recently, well - not too long ago, alright - some time back, whatever. Since it's been here, it's been steadily disappearing. One can only assume that some new type of cloaking device is in action here, albeit on the slow setting. I mean, what else could it be?"

"Our crack security team recently, yesterday, as a matter of fact, snapped a shot clearly showing the disappearance frame by frame of this vessel."
Yari B Disappearing
"All right, Mr. Data, relax. I think you've been sniffing the circuit contact cleaner spray again."

"This is clearly a local alien craft undergoing a slow destruction by various means. It's apparent there's been fire involved, wood rot, it's back is broken, and some tievery as well for cooking wood."

"You and your cockamamie cloaking device testing. I think you've been lost in space for too long. I'm putting you in for an immediate transfer ashore. I think your control program has misplaced a few ones and zeros."


JRinSC said...

You know - with the amount of paint on that wood you wouldn't require more than a piece or two for cooking a major meal. I'll testify to that at your Courts Martial - that one they use to put in the house with all the guys in white outfits.

Let me know where they put you and I'll try and visit some day... lol

Hope you don't find more of it missing tomorrow.....

Dave Rider said...

Hi Julian,

I'd hate to cook with this wood - probably enough lead in the paint to be near lethal.

It has been disappearing steadily over the last few months. I'd been meaning to take a photo of it and thought I'd better before it disappeared completely.

It came in with a rotten keel, thus the broken back. I think they were going to try to repair it, but discovered it was just too far gone.

I remember that song - 'They're coming to take me away'. Hadn't thought of that one in years.