03 April, 2011

Yet Another Sunday Morning Grab Bag

Wow! It's always amazing what slips through the cracks, or doesn't seem to fit with whatever rant I've got going at any particular time.

I hope you enjoy this edition.

We'll start this off with a picture of one of the prettiest houses in Corozal. I don't know who owns it or anything else about it. The color selection they made is just perfect with shades of mocha and milk chocolate. The fancy railings on the balcony and fence lend a nice touch, and the iron work of their gates and burglar bars really set off the place in a spectacular fashion.

Off hand, I'm not sure of the street it's on, although we walk past it almost every day (Isn't that how it always goes?). Anyway, it's on the cross street right behind Gomez Cement and Building Supplies, if you're familiar with that part of town.
One Of The Prettiest Houses In Corozal
 Next, a happy hour. What would life be like without that to look forward to each week? Back in the day, we used to gather weekly at Jim and Melanie's poolside and share tall tales and conviviality. It was something that folks just kind of took for granted that it was always going to be that way.

Alas. Such was not the case as Jim and Melanie moved back to Florida a few months ago. We've been trying to keep the tradition alive and several folks have been divvying up the hosting duties for happy hour. This time a few weeks ago, was our turn. Unfortunately, we didn't have much protection from the sun, so you can see folks huddled in the shade. That's why we're putting in the awning, so we can not only control the pool temperature, but will make most of the deck usable more often. Anyway, as usual, it was a fun time, very casual and relaxed - the way it should be.
Happy Hour On The Pool Deck
Next, we'll move on to the wild west - Belizean style. A while back, I was enroute to Belize City with Denis (I think). Anyway, we were pleasantly slowed down by a group of cowboys moving their stock from one field to another. I happened to grab my camera and snapped a couple of shots of the action. It was kinda fun seeing that. Been years and years since I've been near to cattle like that.
Head 'Em Up, Rawhide!
Here's what I think is a little better shot of the cowpoke's in action.
Belizean Cowpunchers At Work
 And, last, but by no means least, we purchased another painting by local Corozaleño Fred Trejo. I guess we like his work. This is the third painting by him that we've gotten. We don't have that much room for artwork, but it's hard to resist.
Another By Fred Trejo
Ok, that's it for this edition of the Sunday Morning Grab Bag. Now step away from the computer and go do something. Me? I'm going to have something soft to eat (chewing on the left side of my mouth only) and then I'm going swimming cause by then, it'll be pool time.
See Ya.

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