18 April, 2011

Lizard Breath

It all started a couple of weeks ago, well, more accurately, about a month ago. We were in the pool and all three girls started jumping around in the back area by the canal. By the time I figured out what was going on, it was too late.

The three of them cornered a Jesus lizard (Basilisk lizard), who was about 18" long, stem to stern. Secret, out biggest dog, administered the coupe de grace, killing the poor thing.

Of course, I bounded out of the pool yelling at them, but it was way too late. From then on, every time I catch them doing something nefarious, I holler at them "I better not smell any lizard breath!". Of course, Secret's head pops right up looking around like "We're not doing nothing...", about as guiltily as it's possible to look.

Well, since then, we've had more Jesus lizards visiting, around the back area, near the stairs up to the house, and in short all over the place.

Now, the past two days, we've had some large iguanas visiting. More properly, sunning themselves on the canal dock behind our fence.

Yesterday, Thanks once again to the doggies, we found this guy lounging on our dock. He's at least 3 1/2-feet long, probably closer to 4-feet. He was also a darker grey-green.
Yesterday's Big Boy
Unfortunately, the only camera I had at the time was my phone. With the bright sunlight, the view screen was impossible to see properly. I took about 10 shots of this fellow and these two were all that even marginally turned out. All of the ones I zoomed in to shoot, I got some marvelous shots of concrete, fence posts, you name it - except none with the lizard. But on one, I did manage to capture part of his tail.

Here's the second shot that turned out. Unfortunately, the phone camera resolution is so poor, I can't even blow the two photos up. Ah, well, there's always another day.
Another Of The Big Boy
And, speaking of another day, Let's try today! I had my Canon digital with me just in case we saw him again. Well, we didn't see him, but we did see his cousin or maybe his little brother. This guy is a brilliant green and definitely not camera shy.
Today - What A Handsome Fellow
He wasn't real sure about the dogs, but he was totally at ease with me and the camera.
He's Stretching To Almost 4-Feet
 Even though he's quite a bit smaller than yesterday's lizard, these boys are still major sized. And they have claws to match. I've heard they can be quite aggressive. I don't know that for a fact, I'll just accept their weaponry as being enough of a convincer that I don't need a further demonstration.

Mr. DeMille, I think he's ready for his close-up. This is one nice looking lizard.
He's Ready For His Close-Up
Even though we've been threatening the girls that we don't want to smell lizard breath, that still doesn't keep them from looking and barking at the sunbathers. Here's Cindy keeping a close eye on the handsome fellow.
Somebody's Watching You
Today must be my day for shooting animals. This morning, while waiting for the butchers to finish cutting up eleven pounds of bones for the girls (they get to carry them in their packs all the way back home too), I spied one of the butcher's most loyal customers, just patiently waiting for a tidbit or two.
Waiting Patiently At The Butchers

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