10 January, 2011

Whatcha Lookin' For And How Did You End Up Here?

I thought it might be kind of interesting to share with you what folks are looking for through Google and some other search engines to end up here at Winjama Belize - Adventures in Paradise. Once in a while, it's a mystery.

Here's the top 25 searches that brought people to the blog:
  1. Belize Adventure in Paradise - This is good that it's in first place
  2. winjama belize - Likewise, this also is a good choice
  3. - As is this one, the URL for it
  4. winjama - And this one too, which started out to be a personalized license plate
  5. Wood Bathtubs - Two photos of Kim Longsworth's art work and here we are
  6. label - Hmmm, this one's a mystery
  7. achiote paste tienda olympia - From a recipe, a store, and where we're from... hmmm
  8. cabinet crown molding - Ok. We've spent some time showing cabinetry in both houses
  9. belize mennonite houses - We have one. Makes sense.
  10. water heater - Must be interested in on-demand heaters
  11. crown moulding top of kitchen cabinets - I remember mentioning this, so did someone else.
  12. crown molding - And again, but someone with less detail
  13. belize blogspot - Oooh, that's getting kinda vague, but found us anyway
  14. pictures of large sheets of glass - Thankfully, that was the Corozal Glass Shop posting
  15. cabinet piano hinge pictures - Somebody really zeroed in on this detail
  16. almond tree guest house corozal belize - Almost got the name right and still wound up here.
  17. belize - Another vague one, but got it here in spite of that
  18. belize house plans - Hmph, how did they end up here with that search criteria?
  19. Temporary Power Pole Diagram - I have to say, same question as the last one. It's a mystery.
  20. canada circuit breaker house - Now this one is strange, yet they got here anyway.
  21. install corner door piano hinges kitchen - Another detail-minded person
  22. - perfect. The URL is exactly right - and, it worked!
  23. house plans in belize - Yet they ended up here instead of a developer's Website...
  24. - No idea on this one at all, but they found us.
  25. - Aahh, our alternate URL. You don't need to use 'www'. Trust me.

top search items:
  1. dart team copperbank - yo-kay, we do go darting at Donna's Place At the Copperbank Inn. We drink beer there too, but that didn't show up in the searches.
  2. gun law - This is interesting. "I write so much about guns on this blog," he said facetiously.
  3. jill - Alright. This is one way to get on a search; give me a t-shirt.
  4. pictures - Which one? It's not like I don't put very many up on the blog. How did that get someone to this blog?
  5. thunderbolt - I have written about it and maybe even posted a picture of one of the two boats, but why here and not someplace that has rates and schedules and other pertinent stuff? Besides, I've never ridden it.


JRinSC said...

Ah, 'tis strange indeed. The net is all emcompassing.. I haven't tried to search for you since I'm pretty sure where you are.

But I may try just to have something to do... I'm reading your blog while watching our second snow storm in two weeks come down, with 5" and more to come. This is not good in the deep south... we don't know what to do with it or how to drive in it. I don't think we've had any snow the last two or three winters... global warming??

I noticed the temp down there at 79 degress... sheez


Dave Rider said...

Hi Julian,

I know, it's - as they say - rough duty, but someone's going to have to do it. I'm just glad I volunteered for it.

It might be pool time this afternoon since it's now 87... What can I say?


Richard Lawry said...

I don't even remember how I first found your blog, but I'm sure it was Belize related. We love Belize and have visited 4 times. I would love to visit again, but will have to wait until I can afford it.

An Arkies Musings

Belize Lifestyles said...

Great post - we love our stats too always nice to see what interesting ways you are found.

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Southern California :-)

I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

God Bless You, ~Ron

Unknown said...

I'm a search term? Who'da thunk it? :)

Dave Rider said...

Hi Jill,

Your fame apparently precedes you.