02 January, 2011

Welcome 2011 - Edited

We (Denis, Vivien, Dianna & Me) headed out to Copper Bank to help those folks bring in the New Year. We got to the Copper Bank Inn and Donna's Place Restaurant about 3:00 PM. Of course, a pot luck was in full swing. None of the four of us remembered seeing anything about a pot-luck in the emails.
Enjoying the Pot-Luck Chow
(thanks Vivien & Denis for the photos)

Like most pot-luck affairs, there was plenty of food for everyone - even those who didn't bring food, like us. And it was good too. A great salad, a really tasty lobster dish (I don't know what it would be called - it was molded to look like a lobster), and a whole lot of other eats. No one went hungry for sure.

I went and left my 'Pocket Instamatic' (remember those?) at home, as I was going to rely on my phone camera. Hah! With no flash, it was less than useful for that purpose. Thankfully, Vivien brought her camera along and these are her and Denis' photos. Thanks guys. It's unfortunate, but they didn't send me any photos of themselves (That has since been corrected, hence the edit in the title - Ed.).

After shoveling all that chow down, and helping it down were a few bottles of Belikin, it was time for darts. Again, we were a little reluctant to play, but there were no excuses excepted this time. Everyone in the place played. There were four teams set up and two boards, so there was plenty of room for everyone to play.
Just Some Whupass Dart Playin'
I played on Tall Paul's team and we almost won our first match. There were about five or six folks on each team, so there was plenty of time to stroll around, eat more food, get another cold one, visit the other board or the head (whichever you needed to do).
Dianna Doin' the Tushy Wiggle
Denis called my attention to this. My team was playing by this time at the other board. Denis' team was playing Dianna's. He said I had to watch Dianna shoot. She had developed a rather unique style of getting ready to deliver the dart. We were lucky enough that Denis captured this shot in mid stride. You can almost see it happening.
Vivien Celebrating A Good Shot
Denis, Coolly Taking A Shot
What a great, fun and relaxing way to bring in the new year. Well, almost. We left Donna's place about 8:00 PM and made it back to our places by about 8:30. When we arrived at the ferry, they were ready and waiting for us. I didn't even have to stop - we just drove right on, parked in the middle and enjoyed the ride across as the only vehicle on it.

Dianna and I were in bed and asleep by about 9:00 or so. Thankfully, there were enough fireworks lit off at midnight so we could roll over and wish each other a happy new year. Then it was back to sleep.

New Year's day was totally a relaxing, do-nothing day for us. Other than napping and watching a couple of movies on the tube, we just vegged the whole day.

I hope you and yours had as enjoyable a New Years celebration as we did. Here's wishing everyone a great, happy, prosperous and safe new year.



JRinSC said...

Happy New Year to all you older people down there!!!

This from a fellow whose next birthday the Beatles wrote about, as in, "When I'm 64!". Hmmmmm who'd thought I'd live so long?

We had a quiet supper with friends and played cards til 3 a.m. Then did just like you all day the 1st. Had a great time.

I got an iPod Classic 160GB for Christmas and have been getting acquainted with iTunes. I had over 12,000 songs that downloaded to the iPod. That's just over 32 days of music. And it didn't use but 60 of the 160. Wow... and I thought I had some songs!!! I have been busy trying to get all the details on the songs correct and dropping bad / duplicates. But with over 12,000 (now 11,115) it does take some time!! Someday I'll actually use the darn thing!

Take care down there and have a great year in 2011.


Dave Rider said...

Hi Julian,

Congrats on making it to another year. I was just thinking yesterday, that when I first read Orwell's '1984', that that would be a momentous time. We blew by that one and kept on trucking!

Of course, the truck is slowing down a smidge, but hey, we're still here, aren't we?

I know what you're saying regarding the iPod. I've got enough on mine to play almost two weeks. Either way, that's a shitload of music to be able to play 24/7 for that amount of time without a repeat... and you can hold the whole collection in your hand! That's what just amazes me, still.

We got one of the iPod holder/player things to go with the iPod. Those things are amazing as well. What sound!

Glad you had a great New Years. 3 AM, wow. I'm impressed!


Peggy said...

Glad you had a good time and glad you enjoyed my Lobster dish. Always Darts on Sat. around one We don't go out every Sat. But there are usually People who do. And we loved Playing Darts with you guys....Peggy

JRinSC said...

Dave, I forgot to mention that we didn't get up until after 10 am. I can only do that once a month or so... whewwww..

I have one of the "docking stations" coming -- had to order off the net. I went all over and couldn't get one like I needed. I wanted speakers for the room where my Tuner/Amp is located and needed a line out with it. Not many have such a thing. They all have a audio in or aux in or some input but NO darn output. Anyway, I found one so we'll see.

One question... I have all the songs on the computer in iTunes. I synced and downloaded them to the iPod -- but now I'm going thru and deleting dups and adding genre's and changing titles, etc. When I sync to the iPod again will it change everything on the iPod to the way I have it in iTunes???

Also, if I took mine and hooked it to my friend's computer will it upload my songs to his computer? Inquiring minds want to know...

I'll find out eventually, but if you already know please share!!



Dave Rider said...

Hi Julian,

You notice I didn't mention what we did on Saturday... Several naps and just going low and slow. You'd think we stayed up till past midnight. Musta been the stress of playing darts.

Anyway, the syncing of the iPod with what you've done in iTunes. It 'should' transfer smoothly. I've had pretty good luck with that.

Now, as far as dumping to a friend's computer, probably not. You're limited to five (I think that's the right number) computers to 'register' as they call it. You might be able to download to his computer, but I doubt it, unless you register it. I don't know if he'd be able to play the music. He might, if the tunes were recorded from CD's or vinyl. Anything you bought through iTunes is protected with the dreaded DRM. Worth a try anyway.
Something worthwhile to try are alternatives to iTunes such as Foobar
and Songbird. I've used both. I like them both. You'll still probably need to keep iTunes for firmware and other updates and that sort of stuff.

Hope this all helps. Apple could make things easier to work with if they'd kill DRM, but then that'd be like the old days when you could share with narry a thought of giving more money to the recording industry. But, that's a whole separate issue.

Good luck with your iPod adventure.


JRinSC said...

Thanks for the info. I'll probably try it in his computer just to see. I'll let you know. It might work since all my music came free from the Usnet Newsgroups... using a neat little newsreader pgm called XNEWS which you can get from or It is free and works great. Three are many many thousands of groups in the system and thousands of subjects, of which music has quite a few by genre. It has been around for years but very few know about it.


Dave Rider said...

Well Julian, the cat's out of the bag now with the millions and billions who read this blog. I'll definitely check it out. Thanks.