05 December, 2010

Tailoring A House Call

Well, well, well. Just when you think you've got the weekend off, more stuff to do. This morning, I picked up Alex the tailor (who always reminds me of Motel Kamzoil, the tailor in the Fiddler on the Roof), as Dianna needed him to take measurements for several projects she wants to get done in the pool house. Those projects being, a cover for the futon; a bed skirt; a duvet cover, also for the bed; curtain tiebacks; and a shower curtain.
Alex and His Son Measuring The Futon
Since this was Sunday, you might think he was closed, but no. Being Seventh Day Adventist, his Sabbath was on Saturday, so he sometimes opens his shop on Sundays. This was one of those sometimes.
Dianna and Alex Measuring For The Bed Skirt
On another note, Doug and Twyla found a new upholstery shop in town. It's RX Upholstery. Jose Kelly is the owner. His shop is located up on Santa Rita Hill  on the Northern Highway (48 Santa Elena Rd), just in front of Mei's Market. He worked for several years as a boat upholsterer in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. He does quite excellent work. I found lots of heavy vinyl fabric (like Naugahide) at Cinty's in white, black, burgundy, and grey.

We had him first make a new cover of the white vinyl for our pool cover reel, as the old blue fabric cover had virtually disintegrated. That turned out super. We had one more project immediately in mind - a headboard, complete with buttons in the same white vinyl.

Yesterday, I had picked up the new headboard, also for the bed in the pool house. I had forgotten to paint the exposed wood, so after picking it up from the upholstery shop, this morning I laid it out and put two coats of the navy blue inside paint on it - after properly masking it of course.

Tomorrow, I'll bolt it to the box spring of the bed and, just like that - done.
Pool House New Headboard
 Oh, I almost forgot - some other things we've been doing - wouldn't want you to think we've been slacking entirely - shelving in the pool house utility room and downstairs in the main house utility room.

I got tired of trying to find free-standing metal shelving, the cheap crap, not the Gorilla Shelves-type things. Most of the hardware stores here have the wall standards and brackets, so that's what I went with. Turned out pretty good.
Pool House Utility Room Shelving
For once, the pool house utility room is way organized. Not only that, but I pulled all the stuff out the pool pump house, so now the only things in there are the pumps, filter and valves - the way it should be.

Friday and Saturday I worked on the shelving for the tool room (for lack of a better name) downstairs. It too turned out really nice. I should have done this a long time ago. It's amazing how disorganized you can get with stuff just piled on the floor. As an example, we found out that we have four one-gallon cans of white latex primer. There was some needless spending.
Downstairs Shelving
Dianna's been busy as well, in addition to keeping Alex gainfully employed. She painted a couple of cool palm trees in the bedroom. They've turned out quite nice. Silver colored and make it kind of a moon-lit night image. Very relaxing.
Dianna's Palms


Lion Lady said...

D & D:

For retirees, Y R working too hard! The guest house and pool house really look great and Dianna has a very nice artistic bone in her hands(body)..... you do too, with the organizing of the different rooms....too neat, but then of course Y were always that way, at home and office. Remember, the closer you get to finishing the guest house, the more guests you'll have visiting. LOL

You missed the Nov major snow and storm warnings from the lucky people!

Dave Rider said...

Hi Jeanette,

Thanks for the nice comments.

Thanks to our satellite TV, we do get King 5. I check their news once in a while and did notice you guys were getting a pasting with the white stuff.

It's been cold here too with the mercury diving... But then, you don't want to hear all that.


Vivien said...

Looking good! I can hardly wait to get over there to see it all. My company is keeping me crazy busy.