13 September, 2010

Somthing New Down the Hatch

Every now and then when we cruise through the market, we see something that just catches our attention. This morning was one of those days.
Pitahaya or Dragon Fruit
This is what caught our eye today. It's called Pitahaya (pronounced just the way it's spelled, for those who understand phonics). It's also called Dragon Fruit. Don't make the mistake of spelling it Pita Haya - that's apparently an Indian deity who even has a song written in his/her honor.

Anyway, Dragon Fruit is found all over central and south America, most of Asia, some of the middle east, etc., etc. It has three varieties - red, yellow, and white. This one looks red, but when you peel it, which is easy to do, it's white inside.
Ready To Eat
I know, it looks like we sliced up a poppy-seed muffin, but it's not. It's a pleasant-tasting fruit, quite moist and soft. You don't even feel the seeds. It's not too sweet either. Quite refreshing. It grows as a cactus, and is quite plentiful in season. I'm looking forward to having more.

Yesterday, I showed you a picture of the bulkhead work and it had like a wood shelf over the bags forming the bulkhead itself. I said they were going to change that. So, here's the result. There will be a lip or shelf extending out over the water a few inches, instead of the way they had originally intended to do it. Much better arrangement.
Bulkhead Work
Another view of the framing shows the view into the boat slip area. This shows a bit better how the framing is coming along.
Looking At the Boat Slip Area
Finally, here's a view that I haven't seen for quite a while - the pool and deck taken from the canal fence. The area in the foreground is destined to become a private little sitting and dining nook. Should be quite cozy when it's all done.
From the Canal

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Wilma said...

We had dragon fruit once and really liked it a lot. Ours was too juicy to slice, so we ate it with spoons. And you are right, the seeds are barely noticable. I highly recommend it.