26 September, 2010

Not Happy Campers

Our dogs are not taking this rain stuff in stride. They're feeling very put out because they've been deprived of their daily walkies for about three days now. They just don't understand that I don't want to slog through mud and puddles and a small creek crossing our road.
The Girls - Stir-crazy
The rain, although not heavy for long, is continuing off and on all day and night. It does seem to be slacking off now, which is good. But even if it stopped, it's still going to take a couple of days for the road to settle down for walkies.

Not only that, but I've been an even crueler human by not taking them for rides in the Isuzu during this period of inactivity. Have you ever seen the inside of a car when three dogs with muddy feet get inside? I rest my case.

Here's a shot I forgot to take the other day when I was downtown. I was glad today was Sunday, so I still had a chance to capture this. It's the Corozal Post Office, boarded up and ready for a hurricane.
Post Office Boarded Up
The board in the middle of the shot is where our PO box is located, so it's nice to see they're concerned about the mail. I'll probably have to drop in to the office tomorrow to inquire if there's any mail for my box.

Well, so far today, it's only drizzled a tiny bit. With luck, we'll go for walkies in the morning. Did I ever tell you about the schedule I cranked up for their walks? This is a hoot. Two get to walk and one stays home, watching over the place.

So, for example,
Day one: Cindy and Secret walk, Deohgee stays home.
Day two: Cindy and Deohgee walk, Secret stays home.
Day three: Deohgee and Secret walk, Cindy stays home, and so on.
This is something that, on the face of it, seems really simple, but in practice, becomes very complicated. The girls are no help at all. They constantly forget who's turn it is to walk. So do I. I even had to make a chart to try and keep things straight. Then we have days like this with inactivity. Everyone forgets who's turn it is to walk. So, if we do go tomorrow, whoever has to stay home is gonna be really bummed.


Wilma said...

Good thing they have a nice veranda to keep them clean and dry!

Dave Rider said...

Hi Wilma,

Only trouble is, they step outside - usually right after it has rained, and guess what?

They just absolutely refuse to use a broom and dustpan.