15 September, 2010

Got 'Er Done

Stealing a line from Larry the Cable Guy, a noted high-brow comedian, just seemed appropriate for today's effort.

Here we were, in the midst of TS Karl (that's Karl with a 'K'), with the wind which kept picking up, and the rain, which also was increasing its tempo, and here were the guys mixing cement and hauling the resultant concrete around to the canal area to fill in the deck for our bulkhead. I thought they were crazy, but what did I know. Our half is finished!

Here's the view of the completed pour from our fence looking to the canal.
The Pour Is Done
Another view looking around the bend and up the canal
The Big Picture
This one shows how the boat slip area looks after the pour.
The Boat Slip Area
This one, last of the pour shots, gives you a good idea of the slope. It looks steep in the photo, but when you're on it, you forget that it's sloped. Of course, when it ices up, it'll be a different story...
Showing the Slope
A few days ago, we had a conversation with a friend of ours regarding the need to fill the vacant lots. I took a couple of photos that are pretty self-explanatory.
Lots Beside US
Yes, you do need to fill, and serious consideration needs to be made to drain the property away from the road to the canal. That's what we did and it works well.
Looking Toward the Canal
Ok. That's the end of things till tomorrow. Oh, yes. I forgot to mention effects of K for Karl - we lost current for about 2.5 hours (not unusual in itself), we lost a branch off a small tree in the parking area, and we had an old deck umbrella blow from under the palapa into a planter bed. Short version: no problemo.

Workers will be back tomorrow, starting on Elsie's half of the project. Till then...

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Anonymous said...

Looks really really great. Suggest using the calcium salt substitute instead of rock salt for when it freezes (we do that in Minnesota) (LOL - Why me laugh?). Glad to hear no ill effects from Karl.