19 September, 2010

Catching Up On the Weekend

Well, let's see, where are we? Oh, we're right here. Even though Karl (with a 'K') didn't do significant damage, I've noticed several trees down around town. Right here at home, one of our coconut palms has developed a noticeable lean.

In addition to the lean, it's the cave-ins. I told you about those on the last posting. Here's an update.
Working On the Smaller Cave-in
We have two major ones inside the back yard and one right at the rear corner (north) part of the bulkhead deck. The guys spent a good part of Saturday digging them out. Monday, they'll pack them with rock, pound 'em into submission, cover them with marl, and we hope that's all that shows up.
Work on the Larger One
At one time, these cave-ins would have terrified me. Now it's just a part of living by the sea. It's gonna happen. Sure, I would rather they happen to someone else, but it's no real big deal.

In addition to filling cave-ins, the guys were also removing form materials from around our bulkhead deck.
Removing Forms and Sticks
I was struck by the view of the bulkhead decking from the pool deck, so that's why I took the next picture.
Boat Slip Deck From the Pool Deck
Sunday's are supposed to be quiet and sleepy. Not here. We had several visitors. Some of them were our Godson, Isaiel, his wife, Amarily, and their son, Joshua.

Isaiel had come in part to install the last of the burglar bars on the guesthouse for us. These were destined to go over the A/C units.

Here he's giving them a final wipe-down prior to installing them over the outside part of the A/C unit.
Final Wipe Down Prior To Installation
And then installing them went fast. Well, it did for me anyway. All I had to do was hold the ladder.
Final Bit of Installation
The other thing Isaiel had come for was to show us the new stacking table he had made a Dianna's request. We have a set of plain ones that he measured and used as a template.

What he produced in light-years better! These three tables are simply gorgeous. He fabricated the metal part of the table, hired a Mennonite carver to carve out the three tops, and then, he also added a 3/16" plate glass top for each table.
Isaiel's Gorgeous Stacking Tables
We're trying to convince him to display these at Art in the Park. We think they'd be a hit. They're beautiful, utilitarian, and, they don't take up much room when you're not using them.
Isaiel Proudly Showing His Tables
These are going to be a great addition to the furnishings in our guesthouse. We love them!


Anonymous said...

love the tables! I want some. if you dont mind my asking, what does he charge for them?
Liz who owns the house up the street from you on the other side of the hwy

Vivien said...

Re: Stacking Tables
They are gorgeous!
Do you think he would make me a set. I was going to have some of them made in Corozal this year,but those would be lovely. Could you put in an order for me now? We will be there on Dec 1 for three months.

Dave Rider said...

Hi Viv,

I'm sure Isaiel would be very happy to make you a set. I'll give him a call this morning.

We are looking forward to having you guys back for a while.


Dave Rider said...

Hi Liz,

I'm sure he'd be very happy to have the business.

I think the basic prices are $200 BZD for a set of three nesting tables with plain wood top.
$300 BZD for carved, varnished top with glass.

If you send a comment with your email, I won't publish the comment, but then I can email you for the particulars. Let me know.