20 April, 2010

Pool is Looking Shiny Shiny

Along with the almost miracle of work actually taking place in the guesthouse, yesterday Dianna and Cody spent all morning in the pool spiffing it up.
Rough Working Conditions
They scrubbed and bleached the mosaic as it had developed an unsightly green tinge over most of the mosaic's face. In the shot above, it's looking nice and clean. They also scrubbed the tile surrounding the pool.

Actually, they used a mix of household bleach and CLR. The combination seemed to do an especially nice job for them. It was probably one of those mixes that becomes potentially explosive or something... Good thing they were doing it outdoors.

Here's a comparison shot of the pool right before installing the new motor.
Ewwww, Icky
Anyway, with the mosaic and the tile all shiny shiny, the water's not far behind. Cody is planning to do another 'vacuum to waste' on Wednesday. What that means is that instead of vacuuming and sending the effluent through the filter and back into the pool, he'll shunt directly to the waste line out to the canal. The reason for this is the remaining marl dust is so fine that it passes through the filter and blows right back into the pool. You can actually watch it happening if you stand over the return jets in the pool. So, the one mo' time thing for vacuuming to waste should do the trick. As you can see from the photo, the water is looking blue, blue, blue.
Yesterday, as we were walking the doggies, I finally remembered to take a shot of the new meat pie shop I found a few weeks ago.
Vivi's Mead Pies
Vivi's Mead Pies, as their sign reads (that's their spelling too), is definitely a step up visually from Chunky's Hot Meat Pies.
Chunky's Old Location
Chunky's was not much to look at, from the sprayed-on sign to the junked auto in front. But their pies were tasty, hot, and slightly spicy. But, then they moved several blocks north on the other side of Central Park (still with the sprayed-on sign), which just wasn't convenient for our walking route. I would have entertained changing the route to still be able to get their meat pies, but that turned out to be unnecessary with the discovery of Vivi's.

Vivi's is a bonus too. Not only are they a little more up-scale looking, but their pies are a little nicer. I don't know if it's better quality dough or better baking technique, or what, but they are nicer. They're also cheaper by $0.25 BZD. They sell for 50¢ BZD each, and they come in a nice little paper container in the plastic baggy that seems to protect them a bit more. Important issue, since the doggies have to transport the pies and they're notorious for not being all that careful about what they rub up against. And the best part. They're right on our walking route. No deviations out of the way!

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