16 March, 2010

I'm Remiss. I Know it. I'm Sorry.

I will try to make up for it before next years b-day event.
Donna and Enrique
Donna and Enrique, owners of Donna's Place, restaurant in Copper Bank, were kind enough to invite us to help them celebrate Enrique's birthday a couple of weeks ago. We started off by meeting them and a whole passel of folks at Bumpers Chinese Restaurant.
Now, for folks who don't know, Bumpers is one of the 'few' Chinese restaurants we have here in Corozal. It's long suit sure isn't the decor - it's early 'plain'. The last time they painted inside, was probably right before they opened for business, and if you go there in the evening, some of the clientele may not quite always be up to snuff.

But, let me tell you what Bumpers does have. First - Cold beer. Their Belikin is at least (and I don't say that lightly), at least, as cold as the Purple Toucan's. Second - Great food. They have a pretty wide-ranging menu, printed on an honest-to-God blackboard on the wall, and it's all excellent. Large quantities too. Their fried shrimp is excellent. We tried several orders of it and it was all good. And, third, the service. What nice people that run Bumpers. You couldn't ask for better service - well, in Corozal anyway.

Here's a couple more photos while we were at Bumpers:
Ricky, Paul, and a Friend
And Bob, and Dianna
From Bumpers, we migrated (as you do) over to the new place in town, Primo's. Primo's is a nice little palapa bar, right across the street from the Jamrock Bar on Corozal's waterfront at Miami Beach.

They too, serve Belikin (not as cold as Bumpers, but acceptable). They also serve a great Nacho plate and some other botanas as well. They also have music (dare I say), not too loud - he said whisperingly. At least you can carry on a conversation.

Here's more photos of the party at Primo's:

I Don't Know Who This Guy Is
Everyone is Having a Great Time
Everyone is Having a Great Time
Little Poochies Too
Enrique Making A Point
Talk, Talk, Talk
Talk, Talk, Talk

Jokes and Laughter
Jokes and Laughter
Primo's Behind the Bar is in Capable Hands
Bellying Up To the Bar
For a Fanta and A Coke, Of Course
Somewhere along the line, I lost total track of the number of Belikins I'd had (as you do, at times). Suffice to say, we had our share, Enrique had a nice party, we ate our fill of shrimps, nachos, and who knows what else, and we made it home in one piece (carefully, of course).

I was even together enough the next morning to still walk the dogs on their almost 4-mile daily trek.


PS - And again, I'm sorry. I won't be near as late on posting something, if you invite me again next year. - d

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