04 February, 2010

Heavy Lift Forces Arrive

This morning we were invaded. The most pelicans I've seen in one location since we've been here. Thirteen of 'em. Wow! And, flying in formation. They don't do that real well. It seems hard for them to maintain a 'V' very long, but I was able to catch it as they flew past. We were walking along the seawall by Menzie's Caribbean Village, Secret was walking on the seawall. I got both girls to stop and sit nicely while I shot a bunch of photos of the fly-by. Here's the best two.
Here's All Thirteen Flying Into The Sun
I Don't Know Where The Other Three Are - They're Not Anywhere Nearby
I usually see three or four, certainly not thirteen. Pretty cool.

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Julian in SC said...

Neat... most I've ever counted was 22 in a v at Pawleys Island on the SC coast. They are strange and wonderful birds. Love to watch 'em diving on a school of fish..