10 February, 2010

Double Date to Donna's

Last weekend, Superbowl Sunday, we (I) had a hankering for one of Donna's lobster burgers. They are so full of yummie, that with the fries and cole slaw (and a couple of Belikins), they make a completely satisfying meal. I wrote a posting about Donna's Place last September (

I asked Dianna if that sounded like a good idea to her - it did. I also suggested calling Denis and Vivien, our neighbors across the street, to see if they wanted to go as well - they did.

About 20 minutes later, we trundled out to the road, picked them up and away we went toward Copper Bank, dodging what potholes we could.

A short wait for the 'hand-crank' ferry, and we were over the New River and on the Cerros Peninsula, putting along to Copper Bank. I don't think we got over 20 MPH the whole way. Not that we were in a hurry to get there.

There's two schools of thought about driving on the roads in Belize. You either go slow and 'roll with the flow', - so to speak, or go like a bat out of hell. The supposition being that you go fast enough to only hit the high spots. I thinks it's a personality-driven decision. Neither is particularly smooth and uneventful.

We pulled in to Donna's about 30 minutes later. Inside her place it was nice and cool. Both Donna and Enrique were there, so we all got to chat a bit before ordering.
Denis, Vivien and Dianna At Donna's
Donna sent Enrique over to the bar to get some beer as we had ordered some Belikins to go along with our food.
Donna At Donna's Place
Donna's TV had some sort of pre-game warm-up program on, but since no one was watching, it got zapped in favor of some Punta music on the radio.
Dianna and Dave at Donna's
I think I was the only one who ordered a lobster burger. Vivien had quesadillas, Dianna had fried chicken, and I don't remember what Denis had. It all looked pretty good.

It was funny when we went up to pay the bill, and just a little embarrassing too. A couple of weeks before, on my birthday, Denis and Vivien along with Karen and Phil bought me a birthday dinner - such nice folks. So, I was planning on treating them.

Just before we headed out, I had taken Secret with me to get gas and to calm her down since she was jumping around, just sure she was going for a ride. Gas cost me $100 BZD, not normally a problem. I was going to replenish the wallet when I got home, but CRS struck again and I forgot to do that. I opened my wallet and there was a $10 BZD note. Anyway, it was a nice trick to  have managed to have Denis pay for this lunch too. S-m-o-o-t-h... I did reimburse him after we got back.

I noticed, while we were waiting to pay the bill, that Donna had some magazines on the counter for folks to read. It tickled me immensely to see that she had a dog-eared copy of my last posting to the blog in among the magazines. Out here, you take advertising where you can get it - especially good restaurant reviews.

Besides being a dunderhead and forgetting to bring some cash, it was a fun trip, a tasty meal and it was a nice relaxing way to spend part of the afternoon. When we got back, the four of us spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying our pool.

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