20 January, 2010

Kitty and Orlando

This is sort of a love story. I say that because I'm only getting one side of it - and then only sporadically.

Two little love birds
Sitting in a tree.
First comes love
Then comes marriage
Then comes Orlando with a baby carriage

A little over a month ago, I started getting text messages on my cell phone from Kitty. At first, I just deleted them as I thought they were some new-fangled spam method to get me to respond to some enticing chica and run up my phone bill through some surreptitious back-billing scheme or something.

I'd get a new message at first about once a week, always from Kitty. Then she burst my bubble when she mentioned some dude named Orlando. Apparently Orlando was her squeeze. She had the hots for him and was trying to get him to text back to her.

Then, it wasn't only texting, she said she had sent him some pictures of herself. I immediately went to my 'downloaded pictures' area on my phone - nothing. Well, that was a let-down.

Along about that time, I did tell my wife that I was being cyber-enticed by Kitty, but that she was interested in Orlando. I wondered how long the romance would continue if she kept sending her love messages to me instead of Orlando.

Dianna, always being the practical one, suggested I text Kitty back and tell her she's not getting through to Orlando. There was a novel idea. I hadn't thought of that. I had been living vicariously, snooping through messages meant for someone else.

I supposed that would be the right thing to do. I'm sure Kitty doesn't have a boat-load of money to keep texting all over the neighborhood. So the next message that came in (they come a little more frequently now, two or three times a week) I tried to answer her, telling her that "Orlando isn't at this number."

Apparently there must be a glitch somewhere, because after trying about three different times, each time I got "Phone number does not exist. Check your number and re-dial." as an answer.

Well, I'm still getting messages from Kitty for Orlando. Sometimes they're in Spanish, sometimes in English. I'm now getting to the point where I wish I could text her and say "Kitty, I don't like you. Leave me alone. - Orlando," just to get the messages to stop.

Well, either that, or Kitty needs to make them steamier...


Julian in SC said...

This is Orlando... Please leave my Kitty alone! I don't want to come up to Canada with my cousin Jesus and get you!!

Julian in SC said...

You guys ok down there?? Haven't heard a peep in a while so's I's just checking. Hopefully it is just bad internet or computer problems.

Dave Rider said...

Hi Julian/Orlando,

I'm not sure if you're romancing Kitty, but she's sure chasing you. I'm still getting a few text messages from her to you. I do think it's unfair, since we're being vicarious voyeurs, to keep your side of the conversation to yourself.

Actually, we're back in a stay warm mode. I woke up last night and had to put a blanket on the bed and wore my windbreaker walking the doggies this morning.

I was chilled enough during the walk, that I scrunched my shoulders together for most of the way. Now my upper back is full of pain.

We did manage to get two good days of pooltime in before it turned chilly at night again. Looks like it's going to stay that way through the week. I didn't sign on to be cold...

Julian in SC said...

Gotta tell that I am really not Orlando... just thought I'd stir things up some!

Glad to know you're ok and just a little chilly. BTW, went walking this am around 5:30 am and it was 30 degrees!! Won't have to do that after March 31st (my last day at work)!!!