23 December, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Hi Everybody, Well, we finally got our Christmas card for this year done! From the time the idea occurred, then the on and off crummy (as in rainy) weather, and both of us coming down with colds at the same time, it really looked doubtful that we were going to kick out a card in time for this year's Christmas.
Our Christmas Card 2009
Here we are on the 23rd, and it's a glorious morning in Corozal. As soon as I got back from walking the girls (first time in two or three days we've been able to go for walkies) I grabbed my stuff and headed out to the pool to shoot the card. I think it turned out pretty good. I think I'm going to title it "We know where Santa Is!"

We are having a nice Christmas this year - going to dinner over at friends before and after Christmas, so no dishes to wash! We bought some presents for some local kids we know, and Dianna bought us a new chess set (not that I'm a great player... Dianna has beaten me each time we've played). I just love the torture.

Although our guesthouse is still on hold, we are making progress with the canal bulkhead, holding our property back from collapsing into the canal. As soon as that's done, we'll move forward with the guesthouse, so it shouldn't be too far behind schedule.

Well, other than that, we're reasonably healthy and happy. Life is good. All thanks to the Great Architect of the Universe for that. We hope your lives and activities are at least as much fun and as fulfilling as ours. Have a great holiday season.

With Love,
Dave and Dianna

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