08 December, 2009

It Starts on Monday

Well, worker-bees will be around the place again come Monday, only not on the project we thought was going to get started. Instead, we'll be building a bulkhead or seawall. It will cover our cave-in area, the boat slip area, and will be mirrored on Elsie's property. Of course, I'll be documenting it as usual.

We even have a set of plans drawn up for it - which should help stay pretty much on track.
Canal Bulkhead Plans (partial)
We're going to be using sugar bags, approximately 16"x34", which are a poly bag that will be filled to about 2/3 full with dry mix concrete, then positioned in the canal and held in place with rebar that will be pounded through the bags every couple of rows. Water should infiltrate the bags relatively easily to wet the concrete. The bags might be delivered today, I'm not sure on that point.

John Harris, who built our swimming pool and deck for us, will be doing the honors for this project as well.


Unknown said...

is the wall going down the whole 1 side or both sides?

Dave Rider said...

Hi Greg, No, just the one side. My property was caving in badly, so we had to do something immediately. Elsie, who had just returned from up north, thought it was a good idea as well, since everyone's property on our side suffers some water movement heading toward the bay. Both of our projects will strengthen the other.

Julian in SC said...

A very good thing you caught this when you did. Otherwise the cost would have gone up a whole Bunch!!

Now you have an excuse to get your boat... so you can patrol your shores and watch for other sneaky upcoming potential disasters!! Just can't drink heavy on a patrol... hmm, I'm sure you'll work something out -- maybe Dianna can drive whilst you drink and observe! That'd work fine.