29 December, 2009

How Do You Know?

How do you know... What day it is? Why, a calendar, of course.

I remember in the States, years ago, you used to be able to get calendars from drug stores, usually with Rockwell paintings on them or scenes of early Americana with Currier and Ives prints, or maybe a calendar from your local auto parts store, with some scantily clad babes adorning it.

That all seemed to go by the wayside. About the only calendars I remember getting were ones you had to buy at your local Hallmark Store or some such, but the days of businesses handing them out had all but disappeared.

Not so down here in Belize. So far, we've gotten five calendars. One from the Coke guys - a plain red Coca Cola calendar, one from Corozal Chinese Restaurant, a really nice multi-page one from National Hardware, and one from D's Supermarket. I haven't gotten one yet from the Belikin beer guys, but their delivery day is tomorrow, so there's still hope.

What's funny is the Belikin and Coke calendars are from the same company, Corozal Distributors, but Coke is tastefully plain, whereas, the Belikin calendar is tasteful in a different sort of way, with tasty, scantily-clad babes, just like the old days. That one, I have to hang in my workshop. It does kind of class-up (or is that - 'trash-up'?) the workshop, however.


JRinSC said...

Well, you are doing a whole lot better than me. I work for a printing company and handed out calendars for years to my clients.

Nowdays we wish them a Happy New Year (this means that I don't get one to take home either, which does not please my wife).

However, since I can't send you a calender then I wish a Happy New Year to you and Dianna! I hope you have a great one -- without any more lovely surprises like the canal wall (those can get expensive, I imagine).

Unknown said...

We still get the free calendars here in Texas. Mostly from smaller businesses like the meat market, insurance agents and the like. Lately though we have seen several fundraiser calendars where a local womens group poses with little clothing in a tasteful manner to raise money for their favorite cause.


Dave Rider said...

Hi JR,

I'll take the Happy New Year and be glad too. Thanks! You have a good one as well. Definitely, no more canal problems, hope, hope, hope.


Hi Joe,
Some of the older ladies did that here a few years ago. I think it was a fund-raiser for the hospital auxiliary or something. I did see some of the photos, but never was able to get a copy of the calendar. Now that I think of it, the calendar might have never reached production... after all, it is Belize.