10 November, 2009

Problems Commenting

Ok, I've heard from a few folks who are reporting the same problem with comments. The comment field stuff shows up until it wants you to authenticate a "captcha", the little box that pops up with the funny looking text in it and it asks you to enter the characters you see in the blank box below or somewhere nearby.

Pretty hard to do if no blank box shows up. I've Twittered the Google Blogger folks (who host this blog). Unfortunately, I haven't received any response from them, which would be unusual. So, that is leading me to believe no other bloggers are reporting a similar error, which in turn leads me to believe the problem may be in the template that I was using.

As a result, I've switched once again, to this template. If folks experience the same problems commenting, then I'm pretty sure it's not the template that was at fault, but Google/Blogger becomes the prime suspect, and I can go back to them (not through Twitter) and let them know what I've done and that the problem is still there.

So, let me know if you have problems commenting... by commenting. Of course if you are prevented from commenting, then you can email me at:  d a v e (at sign) w i n j a m a (dot) n e t. I hope you can figure out from that what my email really is. It's all there, you just need to write it right (so to speak).

As Dr. Crane used to say, "Go ahead caller, the lines are open."


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

This is a test of a Google/Blogger suggested work-around while they tweak the comment engine/gadget/whatever.

Corozal Dave said...

I'm just testing to see if I could leave a comment if I had one to leave...

Corozal Dave said...

Sure looks like it's working to me...test over