18 September, 2009

It's Just One Thing After Another

First, the other day, we went to Hailey's, then we went to Donna's Place.

Yesterday, we went to Lynn and Robert's Almond Tree Resort and Hotel for an afternoon Soiree (I know Webster's says the definition means "evening get-together". By that time, we're in bed... And the word was just begging to be used, so there).

Now this afternoon, we have a "South End Neighbor's Canal Association" meeting, and Friday, we have a "China Night" out at Gail and Earl's.

I don't know how much more my calendar can take of this stuff. There's a limit. After all, we're supposed to be retired and all.
Well, it's not that we've been missing out on "pool-time". At Donna's, we swam in the bay, which was wonderful, and yesterday at Robert and Lynn's Almond Tree Hotel and Resort, we took full advantage of their pool, as did everyone else who attended.

Here's a few pictures of the "soiree":
Some of the Guests In the Pool

Gail Passing Out Some Treats
Doug Joining the Festivities
Robert Entertaining Gail and Loreta
Nevada Greeting Loreta
Lynn Enjoying the Shade
In and Around the Pool
Entryway to the Restaurant/Bar Area
Earl and Maryanne

Relaxing in the Spa
Pool Conversation
Dianna Likes It
Paul and Dianna in Discussion
Corozal Dave Talking With Twyla and Doug
I think in this instance, we were among the earlier folks to leave the party (we left around 4:00 PM or so). I can't attest to the rest of the party. We had to go home and recuperate from this hectic social life we're leading.

It looks like the Almond Tree is going to be one of the nicest places to stay in Corozal. I think we all wish Robert and Lynn every success.


Vivien said...

Gee, I feel sorry for you guys.

corozal dave said...

It was a great way to spend a very hot afternoon...sorry we were late (out shopping for furniture)and sorry I didn't get the chance to spend some time with you. It's nice to be able to see some pictures of the "soiree" my wife Valya and I were too busy chatting with everyone...but once I saw you with camera in hand I figured you'd have it well documented. We spent 8 days with Bob and Lynn, it was more like staying with old friends than staying at a hotel, it is definitely the nicest place to stay in Corozal...we just can't say enough nice things about Bob and Lynn as hosts and as people.

Dave Rider said...

Thanks Vivien, I can feel the sympathy.

Corozal Dave, I was hoping to spend some time talking with you as well. It's just so easy to get completely sidetracked at these things. There's just never enough time.
I agree. I think the Almond Tree is well on it's way to being Corozal's premier place. Bob and Lynn have worked very hard to get it to where it is now.
Maybe we can get together in the future.