31 July, 2009

Marketplace Morning

Friday morning at the marketplace - the Gabriel Hoare Marketplace, here in Corozal. At the time of day (about 6:15 AM) that we usually cruise through with the doggies, not too much is actually open. A few fruit and veggie vendors outside in the bodegas, and generally two butchers. The one we go to every few days to get bones for the girls is just to the right of the restrooms. The restroom attendant is usually on duty as well by the time we arrive.

Here's a shot of Mr. Mahiyah's (we think that's right on the spelling) butcher stall. He has four workers helping him cut and trim meats for the day. Quite a few restaurants in the area buy at least some of their meat from him. They come by the market at the same time that we do.

Mr. Mahiyah Getting the Girl's Bones
If you remember, I've shown a couple shots of the remodeling occurring in the central area of the marketplace, to replace the tent bodegas that have been there for several years. Now, all the foundation footings have been poured and trenches have been dug for ring chains to be cast. New this morning was neatly stacked steel beams for the actual structures themselves. It's moving right along.
Steel Beams Ready to Go Up At the Marketplace
More Beams Ready to Go Up At the Marketplace

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