07 July, 2009

Li' Bit of Fishing

Shortly before lunch, Dan and Beverly, our neighbors across the street, came over to catch some fish for lunch.

Bev is certainly the angler of the two. Her fishing tackle consists of a 5-gallon bucket with a few minnows they caught yesterday down by the ferry, a length of monofilament fishing line, a medium-sized barbed hook, and, let's see, what else?... Oh yes. Some bits of tortilla used as sort of a chum to attrack fish to the area.

Bev Fishing, Dan Assisting
Don't be misled by the simple tackle box. She can cast further and more accurately with her setup than I ever could with rod and reel.

After about an hour's fishing, here's adequate proof of Bev's ability with a line. A catfish about 18" long, several other smaller, but pansized fish. They headed home to begin frying them up.
Good Eats
Here's the next-to-last bit of the drain pipe project. All the pipe bits have been connected and the floor drain set to the correct level. All that's left now is for Cody to bury the pipe with the rubble beside the trench - and tamp it, a very important step, especailly if we happened to get any heavy rain right after filling the trench was completed.
Here's the Floor Drain
All in all, not really much of a construction project, but it felt good to be doing it. And it will help keep rain from puddling in the yard.
Here's the Completed Pipe Sans Filling

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