26 June, 2009

If It's Worth Doing Once

It's gotta be worth doing twice. I'm sure that's Secret's mantra.

About the time I was beginning to go through the routine I mentioned yesterday to get myself and the girls ready for a walk, I looked out the window and guess what?

Secret had some quills sticking out of her mouth. Apparently, it felt so good and gave her so much satisfaction, that she just had to do it all over again. This time she only had about 10 or 12 of the little things stuck to her lips, gums, tongue, and the roof of her mouth.

Cindy, on the other hand, being of a somewhat more dainty persuasion, managed to get by with no quills. I suspect she may be a bit of a faster learner too.

Well, instead of a panic call to Dr. Sheila, today, I went down to my workshop, fetched my needle-nose pliers, and we proceeded with the operation.

Dianna held on to her and tried to keep Secret's mouth open as i leaned in with the pliers and began jerking the quills out one by one.

It had to hurt. Especially since yesterday, they not only got a ride to Dr. Sheila's, but they got a nice, speedy painkiller injected as well. Not today. It was old-fashioned "meat-ball" surgery as they used to say on M*A*S*H. No painkiller, no sedative, just the cold steel in the mouth, ripping the quills out. Maybe now she'll learn to leave them alone.

Somehow, I doubt it. Too much hound in the genes.

After all that, we still managed to leave on time to head up to Doug and Twyla's to begin our morning walkies. It was a good walk.

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