15 May, 2009

No One Expects the Spanish Inquis...

Wait just a second there. That's not right. That's from Monty Python. It should be "No One Escapes the Long Arm of the Law." Not even cute little doggies.

This morning, as Twyla and I were walking our dogs into town, the Transport Department and Police were just setting up their surprise roadblock and checkpoint. We tried casually walking by, but the suspicious look in Secret's eye must have caught the attention of the officers.

They wanted to see her driving license, but Secret had conveniently left it at home. So, they proceeded to check what sort of contraband she might be carrying. Lucky for her she'd left her stash at home too.

Transport Officer Going Through Secret's Bags
This Bears Closer Examination
Lucky for us, I was able to give Twyla my camara so she could document the scene. She was able to cover the officer giving Secret the once over and then the detailed inspection.

Once that was over, we were once again, on our way into town.

Almost immediately, we saw a small sailboat just offshore in the bay. I was able to snap a shot just before they sailed out of easy range. There was a fairly stiff breeze this morning which was making sailing a little difficult. They were flying down the bay with the wind, so they would have been out of range in a few more seconds.
Family Sailing in the Bay

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