24 May, 2009

New Boat in Town, Watch Kitty Intimidation

If you leave Corozal, driving south on the Northern Highway, as you approach the turn before Tony's Inn and Resort, the white boat with the large pilot house, is Rober and Lynn's power catamaran.

Robert brought it here from Florida, making the delivery himself.

Robert's promised me a tour of the boat, and I may be making a trip with him on the boat to scope out some property around Progresso Lagoon. It might be a couple day trip so that should be a gas.
Robert's Power Cat Moored At Tony's
And that's everything I know about the boat right now. Of course after the tour and trip, I'll have a ton more photos and information to relay.

This morning, during our usual walk past Tony's, we always look for what we call the "Watch Kitties". That is, looking for the cats that always seem to be guarding the gates into Tony's. Sometimes we see them, sometimes we don't.

This morning we saw them, but in a slightly different manner than their usual confident, serene, "I'm in control" attitude. This kittie looks completely intimidated by the hen and her brood. How unusual.

I'm glad it turned out. I just snapped a quick shot and didn't have time for a second shot as the cat took off running the length of Tony's property.
Intimidated By the Gang of Five

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