04 April, 2009

This Is A Fine Mesh You've Gotten Us Into

Thanks to Sandy A. for commenting about the mesh I've been using on the porch screening project. I didn't even think about the material itself. Here's a close-up shot of the stuff.
Fine Mesh for the Porch Screeening Project

We' ve got it on our screened security doors. It really seems to work well keeping all but the no-see-ums out. It's paintable, cuts easily with a pair of tin snips, is durable and I think it's made of aluminum. It comes in a 3'x8' sheet (probably other widths and lengths as well, but that's what I got.


sandy a said...

It keeps the no-seeums (sand flies)out? That it is so cool. Those critters can be terrible on the peninsula. I'll have to keep that in mind.

sandy a said...

never mind, I misread--I thought you said "keeps the no-seeums out"...but still, if it keeps the mosquitoes out--half the battle's won!