01 April, 2009

Sad... Funny... Sad... and Funny

I received the email news this morning from Channel 7 Belize ( This was the lead story of the morning news:

Last night in Belize City, a man killed himself and then killed his
wife. But it was no isolate act of deranged jealousy; the couple
shared three children. Fortunately those kids were not at home yesterday and most unfortunately..."
It's unfortunate that the violence continues in Belize City. I suppose it's no better or worse than most other big cities. Just that as I began to read the story, I almost choked on my coffee. That's just one of the fun things about living here in Belize - reading the oftentimes fractured English of the media.

A lot of times it can take several readings of an interview or eyewitness account of something to actually determine what they were most likely talking about.

Of course, then I had to continue reading the news. And then, I came on this astounding story:

Raelians Still Want to Build Embassy for Spaceships in Belize

"...He says they are going to usher in a new ear of peace and knowledge like space Messiahs with a major in science."

Do we each get one or will it be living on its own? Well, beyond the typo, the story itself. The fact that they give airtime to such a nut-case just amazes me.

At least you can't say they don't cover the news from "A" to "Z" - and beyond.

Next, Buzz Lightyear will be coming to spend the winter months at the embassy.

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