10 April, 2009

More On the Great Tower

No, no... That's not Moron the Great Tower, it's some more information on the great tower. Make sure to get the em-PHAS-sis on the right sy-LAB-le, as they say.
the Great Tower
So, it's actually up and running. I'm getting two to three bars in the guest house - not the strongest it could be, but enough to work from there.
A View of the Antenna
Another View of the Antenna
I called Twyla and told her that everything was up and functioning, antenna-wise. She said Doug was up on the roof of their house (looking to see the great antenna tower, hmmmm???). Anyway, when he comes down, she'd have him check and see if they could receive it. I've got my fingers (and toes) crossed.

Here's another view, more or less looking straight up at the thing.
The great antenna
Just to be on the safe side, I included a grounding (earth - for you Brits) strap and ground stake (5' long) in case of a lightning strike. Of course, till I get the insulators installed, I'm not sure this will work quite as advertised, but still, its got to be better than nothing, right? This also shows the base flange I screwed to the septic field retaining wall.
Grounding Apparatus
That's all I have for now. Might be more later, or there might not... It's a holiday weekend. Easter is a big holiday down here - four-day weekend, stores legally have to be closed, etc., etc. We do have enough beer to get through. Not sure about dog bones though. I might have to see if we can scrounge some to get us through the weekend. I told Dianna "Maybe we should recycle some of the bones that're just laying around the yard. They wouldn't know the difference, right?"


Vivien said...

Too bad the antenna signal is not strong enough. Will you need go higher or do you need to change something else. Good luck.Vivien

Dave Rider said...

Hi Vivien,
Hopefully not higher, the antenna is above the roof height now (on a 20' pole) and the antenna is about 5' long itself.

Probably will need to get some sort of amplifier to boost the signal. That'll have to wait though, other things (construction has higher priority).

Anonymous said...

Hello Dave,

I saw your blog and was reading about your wireless Internet antenna system and thought I would post a comment. I also have a big interest in belize and possibly living there some day.

I was a prior wireless internet provider here in NY and presently own a wireless construction business building and maintaining microwave radio systems and cell phone sites.

A few questions and comments on your system....

What make and model router are you using?
What is the make and model of antenna and cable?

Make sure your antenna connections outside are well taped and weatherproofed. the slightest bit of moisture will kill your system. At the frequency the system is operating at (2.4GHz.) it is important to keep the antenna line as short as possible.

Give me a little background and I will be happy to help.

Bob Moldashel

Dave Rider said...


I sent you an email with my router, antenna and cable info. I look forward to hearing from you.