06 March, 2009

Every Day's A Parade

Just about every morning while we're walking the dogs, we're treated to the tractor parade. They're always headed north toward the papaya fields. I never see them return in the afternoon. From the equipment they're hauling, it looks like they're intended to fog insecticide or something similar on the papaya crop.

Papaya must take a huge amount of spraying because these guys go past every morning almost without fail.
The Morning Fruita Bomba Tractor Parade
One wonders with the problems the sugar cane growers are facing regarding quality (or the lack of it) if they couldn't learn something from the papaya growers. Cane growers, from my perspective, seem to be of the "plant it and forget it" school of agronomy. Maybe the key would be to pay more attention to the crop and do more fertilizing, pest management, etc., etc. Whatever it would take to build up the quality of the crop.

But, what do I know? Not being a farmer, I'm certainly in no position to criticize. It just seems like there could be something to take from the papaya growers that might just pay dividends for the cane growers. Or not.

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