04 February, 2009

Ninety-Seven Percent Forest-Free

Thursday morning dawned chilly again. I forgot to check the "thermal meter" on the porch. But, it was chilly, up till about mid-morning. After the obligatory morning walk with the girls, Dianna and I huddled under blankets while we had breakfast and watched the Daily Show, our major source of US news. Tomorrow is supposed to be even colder - down to 58 (f). I think National Hardware will be getting a supply of snow shovels in any day now.

But, enough sniveling about our cold-cold-cold weather. Yesterday afternoon I took photos of the guest house and finally got them all posted below. We start off with a panoramic view of the front of the place. The only sticks still in place are the ones supporting the outside headers, everything else has been cleared.
Front Panorama
This is where the 4-piece sliding glass doors will go, opening out from the center in each direction.
Closer to the Big Opening
This shot is from inside the kitchen area, looking toward the bedrooms and bathroom doors.
From the Kitchen
Now, this one's kinda neat. Looking from the kitchen area out to the pool and deck. I wish it was warmer - I'd be in the pool right now!
Looking Toward the Pool
These two views are from bedroom number 2, looking out the window, then back to the bedroom door.
Number Two Bedroom - Looking In
Number Two Bedroom - Looking Out
This set is of bedroom number one. Again, looking outside, and through the bedroom door out.
Bedroom Number One - Looking In
Bedroom Number One - Looking Out
Bedroom number one actually has a pretty good view straight out to the pool, as you can see below.
Bedroom Pool View
This view is of the kitchen area, taken from the living room area side of the room.
Kitchen Area
Another of the kitchen area, taken from the bathroom, on the left, and from the living area.
More Kitchen Area - From the Bathroom
More Kitchen Area - From the Big Doorway
The most important room in the guest house... the bathroom. These view are looking from the shower area on the left, and looking toward the toilet area on the right.
From the Bathroom - Looking to the Pool
From the Bathroom - Different Angle
Here's the bathroom door from the outside on the deck.
Bathroom Door Outside
For a small place, we have enough door. This one is of the utility room from the deck.
Utility Room
And this finalizes our tour. This one is of the interior of the utility room showing the plumbing roughins and a bit of the power panel. The ladder is just for effect.
The Utility Room and Pool Toy Storage Room

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Richard Lawry said...

Let me know when the guest house is finished and i will try and make it down. :)

There was a cold day one February day when I was in San Pedro. It was in the 60's, and we smiled at all the locals bundled up in coats.

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