13 February, 2009

Cold Weather Begone!

And, just like that, we're back to nice warm weather - 80 (f) at 6:00 AM. What a great way to start the day - walking the dogs, wearing shades and working up a sweat. It's wonderful! Pack away the sweatshirts and long pants, put the blankets away and fire up the fans. It's warm again!

Speaking of warm air, could it be that elections are close at hand here in Belize? Well, I guess so, judging by all the banners around town. It's amazing how quickly all the blue (PUP) and red (UDP) banners appear all over, on roof-tops, on telephone poles, strung across roads.

Just this morning, as we headed into town for our early morning walk with the girls, here's the scene that greeted us.
Election Close to Hand
Even many of the utility poles have a new coat of red paint, replacing the blue and white from previous elections.

Beyond that, life goes on as normal. The market place was gearing up for business as we came in and I loaded Cindy and Secret up with oranges ($0.10 BZ each) and tangerines ($0.15 BZ each) - six of each.

After the market, we swung by the post office. Drat! No mail again. And then it was past the Catholic church where we were serenaded by beautiful singing... Unfortunately, the song sounded like a funeral dirge. But, it was sunny, so we didn't care.

We passed the Thunderbolt pier where passengers start forming up early for the ride to San Pedro. A day like today, it would be an enjoyable trip.

Just past the Thunderbolt pier, we passed the fishermen's pier. Doug called my attention to the scene below. I was daydreaming as we strolled past and would have missed it entirely but for his alertness.

They're either ready to put to sea or they're expecting a handout when the fish are brought ashore.
Ready for Sea, Cap'n


Luis Portugal said...

It has a nice blog.
Sorry not write more, but my English is bad writing.
A hug from my country, Portugal

Dave Rider said...

Obrigado pelas amáveis comentários sobre meu blog.
Seu Inglês não é pior do que o meu Português. Eu usei o Google para traduzir isso.
Melhores desejos de Belize.
Dave Rider