20 January, 2009

Congrats Mr. President

A new day has dawned on the U.S. of A. We have an articulate, thinking man as our new leader. I wish him well.

We watched the inauguration on BBC Canada in order to get somewhat of a different slant on things. Not that much different I suspect, but still different. For example, Aretha Franklin sang 'My Country 'Tis of Thee', which the Beeb announcer called the US national anthem.

Watching with us was our Godson, Isaiel, his wife, Amarily and their son Joshua. They had come for a brief visit and so that Isaiel could take some measurements for burglar bars for the guest house.

Shortly after the swearing in of Mr. Obama, Isaiel asked "What happens to the old President now?" We chuckled and answered, "He's unemployed". As good an answer as any I guess.
On with other things.

Yesterday, I took Cindy's new pack and tried it out on her. Of course, it was much to big for her. We knew this from the first pack we got that Secret wears now. If we loaded veggies and fruit in it with Cindy wearing it, the bags just about dragged on the ground.

Anyway, I fitted it to Cindy as well as I could, then took it downtown to Alek, the young tailor who is a wizard at making things. I took in an old pair of shorts and asked if he could make new ones. Of course, his answer was yes, along with it an apology that it would take three days to make the shorts. Which by the way, turned out excellent.

Here's Alek hard at work in his shop. That's the extent of his equipment, an old sewing machine.
Alek the Tailor
This morning on our walk past the waterfront, the usual birds were hanging out. I snapped this one of the resident pelican on his perch.
Mr. Pelican
And about 20 yards further on, saw this great blue heron, hunkered down like it was freezing.
Mr. Heron
Naturally, right after I snapped this shot, he lifted his wings and flew away into the sun. It would have made a beautiful picture, but I was slow, getting the camera out of my bag. as happens now and then. Maybe next time.


Richard Lawry said...

If I had just retired from a job I would head for Belize and relax.

An Arkie's Musings

Dave Rider said...

Don't wait too long. We decided to jump while we were still physically able and have never regretted it.
Making the actual decision is the hardest part. The rest just seems to fall in place of its own accord, more or less.
Best of Luck,